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10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone

Clarity Voice - Your Most Powerful Business Tool Scalable. Agile. Reliable. When is a phone, just a phone? A phone is just a phone, but when you upgrade from an average business phone to Clarity Voice, your phone becomes one of your business’s most powerful tools. Check [...]

5 Ways Auto Attendants Increase the Value of Your Home Care Business

For home care franchisees, a phone call is the first interaction clients have with you. Make sure you never miss customer calls - or sales opportunities - with Clarity's Auto Receptionist. Included with all FranchisePhones® packages, Clarity's Auto-Receptionist answers all of your incoming calls with a professional greeting, then automatically transfers callers to the appropriate [...]

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New 2020 Statistics Reveal Phone Handling Impacts Car Sales Success

Statistics reveal, your phone and your ability to help callers remain a key way to improve Dealership performance.  Only 1 in 3 potential car buyers know the exact vehicle they want to purchase. Marketers can influence these undecided buyers by targeting them with the right digital ads at the right time (Source: Cox). 61% of new and [...]

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10 Best Ways to Improve First Call Issue Resolution Today

When today's customers call, they expect customer service & support teams to effortlessly resolve issues with speed and accuracy. At Clarity Voice First Call Resolution(FCR) is an essential indicator of our businesses health. We know your time is valuable and we try to resolve any concerns with you within the first call. Regardless if your call [...]

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Who Comes First? The Customer or The Employee

The Customer Employee Comes First Have it Your Way!? The Customer is Always Right!? Do everything with the customer in mind!? These are long-accepted mantras that a lot of companies have built cultures around. And it's worked well for some of them. But it's not bulletproof. Have it Your Way breaks down quickly when the [...]

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