Gain Insight.
Own the Number.
Improve Unit Economics.

To get your franchisees on the same page, start by getting them on the same phone system.



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…finally a phone service designed to standardize customer interactions & improve unit economics

Brand Consistency

Whether your network is regional or national, customers will enjoy a seamless, uniform communications experience that helps build your brand’s credibility and delivers consistent customer experiences.

Training Best Practices

In addition to 24/7 365 support hotline and ongoing maintenance, we provide ongoing training for your home office and franchise network teams. Our system wide telecommunications training is based on your brand’s best practices.

Gain Insights

Easy to use, real-time, scheduled and custom reporting. With our system you can pinpoint in real-time the best performing units and those that need coaching. Listen to experiences customers are having at any location.

It’s so easy to install and use,
it’s a Phone System in a Box®

You shouldn’t have to be a tech genius to run your business phone system.

Setup is a Snap

One Day Switch
Virtual Installation
Ongoing User Training
Quality of Service Performance
New Capabilities Delivered
Fully Supported

Built & Supported by Experts

Technically Certified Support
Phone | Email | Text | Chat
Native English Speakers
Dedicated Assistance
Humbly Confident
24/7 Service

Safe & Secure

We Never Sleep 24/7/365 Monitoring
Coast-to-Coast Failover Coverage
Lose Internet? No Problem
Lose Power? No Problem
Carrier-Grade Data Centers
99.99% Uptime

Help me, don’t sell me.

Most cloud phone companies just want to sell you a phone. At Clarity Voice, we want to help you use your phones to make more sales. Everyone who works at Clarity is highly trained in both our technology and the customer behaviors that drive sales in your industry. We use that knowledge to make sure you never miss a call and help you make the most out of every call you receive.



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Technically certified VoIP professionals and communication consultants

Not just a friendly voice. Experts.

It is our belief that Clarity exists purely to be an extension of your team – working as the professionals responsible for the critical telecommunications technology that connects you with your customers. They’re not middle-men or outsourced support. Each Clarity consultant is technically certified and they know better than anyone how to answer your questions.

Best practices delivered.

We work with over 10,000 users and have developed best practices guides based on your business industry. Based on what you’re trying to accomplish we’ll make sure you have the phone features, services, and solutions you really need. Because the best communications system for your company is the one that delivers results.

User experience consultants.

Because our Business Cloud solutions are customizable, we’re able to help you build a business phone system that’s right for your business size, industry and needs. Our experts will help you choose the call handling features and management tools you need to differentiate your company conversations and customer service from competitors.


BrightStar Care, CEO Our quick response to customer calls is part of our
commitment to being the best. Clarity service provides the
assurance that our connection with customers is never
Shelly S.
Neighborly Brand Ambassador The data we get from Clarity helps us make better operational
decisions- they share our values and understand every
interaction with customers is precious. We've relied on their
service for nearly 10 years.
Dina D.
ProTrade Net, President FranchisePhones is a required service for the majority of
our Neighborly brands.
Luke S.
FASTSIGNS, CEO If a franchisee were to close, the great thing for a franchisor
is we own their number. That's a real value add for a franchise.
With great customer service, a great quality phone system,
and consistent pricing, they're just a great vendor for us.
Catherine M.

BrightStar Care

Shelly S. – CEO & Founder



Jeff W. – CEO



Catherine M. – CEO