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Phone System Features

Auto Attendant

Callers hear a voice menu prompting them to identify the reason for their call for faster service. (EG: press 1 for… press for…) Customize routing by caller type (such as sales leads vs. existing customers, employees vs. valued vendors or commonly asked questions such as business hours or driving directions.) Add unique on-hold music or messaging by caller type to further educate callers about new products/services and/or awareness of monthly advertised specials.

Automatic Answer

You may program your desk phone to work in auto-answer mode. In this mode the speakerphone key light flashes red, and when you receive an internal call you hear a burst of tone and the call is connected automatically.

Automatic Line Selection

This function allows users to make external calls without having to enter the line access codes (9, 8). Brand Specific Routing (aka Multi-Concept Routing) Don’t buy more lines because you own multiple brands or business concepts. Route callers by brand and reduce your overall costs. If you own multiple business concepts you’ll not need to buy duplicate lines for each business. Clarity’s Auto Attendant can be configured to route callers by brand to the appropriate office or department for service.

Buddy Feature / Call Presence

Quickly see if employees are on the phone. This is a great feature if you are in a different part of the office or have remote employees. BLF keys also act as a speed dial.

Call Continuity (See “Failover)

Directory Assistance (411) Option to add your company name and telephone number to a Directory Assistance Listing provider.

Custom Auto Attendant

Custom auto attendants serve as a virtual receptionist; greeting your callers and routing them based on their call purpose. Route callers based on business need to create a more efficient experience for new customers, active clients, information seekers or job hunters.

Dial By Name

The dial-by-name directory feature allows incoming calls to reach a specific person in your company by dialing their first or last name using the keypad on the phone.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) or Direct inbound Dialing

Each phone has its own phone number and extension.

Direct Phone Number

Each Clarity extension can also have its own unique direct inbound dial (DID) telephone number. Clarity allows you to choose your number from any of the 200+ available area codes regardless of where your phone will be physically located.

Distinctive Ring Tones

You can set unique ring tones by call queue. Such as sales lines, customer support lines, billing, human resources etc. Know by the ring tone when a new lead, a returning customer, a job applicant calls you.

Dynamic Caller ID

Set any phone number on your account as your caller ID.

Emailed Reports

Receive a daily snapshot of calls from agent stats to call queues from the day before and quickly respond to changing customer calling trends. With automated Email Reporting you can schedule select businesses call reports to be delivered right to your inbox. Additionally, you can also ensure other key members of your team receive daily reports with instant links to more details via Clarity’s analytics dashboard.

Emergency Assistance

Set an address for individual extensions or your entire account so that responders know where to send help in the event of an emergency.

Extension Lock

This feature allows you to lock your extension to prevent unauthorized users from making external calls. You use a Lock Password to lock, unlock, or to make calls from a locked extension.

Extension Dialing

Call anyone in your company just by dialing their extension number, even if they work in different locations with extension dialing.

Fax Machine Integration

Fax machine integration allows you use your existing fax machine to send faxes over the IP network.

Group Intercom Paging

Paging allows you to speak to all phones at the same time through the speaker phone. Paging is used to make announcements or to let people know about a parked call.

Group Voicemail

Create groups of people in your company to send or forward voicemail messages quickly and easily.

Headset Mode

Your desk phone is equipped with a socket for a headset.

Hosted PBX

A virtual PBX is the modern alternative to costly, clunky PBX equipment that is tied to one location. Unite your whole company with a virtual PBX that is hosted in the cloud. Click here to learn more.

Hunt Group

Hunt Group also called a Ring Group is a way for a group of extensions to share the distribution of incoming calls and all ring simultaneously ensuring no caller is missed.

Incoming Call Alert (CallScape)

Alert you on your screen of all incoming calls and allow you to answer or reject the call.

Internet Backup

Internet Backup ensures both your phone and POS systems are not interrupted.

Local Telephone Number

Choose from more than 200 available area codes to establish a local presence whether you have a office in the area or not.

Message Waiting Indicator

The desk phone has a red LED that blinks indicating that the user has voicemail.

Multi-Call Appearance

Depending on the phone model, phones can support 2-12 simultaneous calls. These can be from external or from internal extensions.

Music On hold

  • Upload your own music files
  • Upload advertising or messaging for callers to hear while they are on hold

Mute and Volume Control

The phones allow the users to raise the volume of the ringer, the speakerphone, and the audio or to mute the microphone on the speakerphone or handset with buttons.

Off Site Hosting

Ensures you’ll always have phone service, even during power and internet outages. No power? No problem. Internet outage, our system routes callers to you wherever you go.

On Hook Dialing

A convenience that allows the user to just start dialing without first choosing a line.

Personal Directory

Each desk phone has a personal phonebook (size of directory depends on phone). Calls can be made directly from the personal directory or through the Favorites/Speed dial screen.

Reagent Integration (CallScape)

When a call comes in, if the caller ID of the caller matches a number stored in CBS, the caller’s account will open (to be released late 2017) eFax or Unlimited Virtual Faxing” eFax allows you to send fax messages securely through your PC, tablet, mobile device, or fax machine.


After calling a person back from your voicemail box, instantly return to your voicemail box by pressing two keys.


Use the redial feature to redial the external number you most recently dialed. In addition to the last external number, the previous 10 numbers dialed are also stored and may be redialed.

Ring Groups

The ability to ring multiple phones in a specific order. If no phones are answered the call can be directed to a specific greeting or menu or voicemail box.

Ringing Tones

You can select from multiple ringing tones so you quickly recognize when your desk phone is ringing.

Seven Digit Dialing

Local numbers can be dialed without having to dial the area code.

Speed Dial Directory List

Each extension can program up to 60 individual speed dial numbers, also called “Favorites”.

Unlimited Lines

Ensure callers never get a busy signal with unlimited lines per unique phone number. Additionally you can make unlimited local and long distance calls to anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling

All phone calls in the U.S. and Canada are included in the monthly fee. Substantially reduces your phone bills by no longer paying for call (minutes) or long distance.

Web-access to Voicemail

Check voicemail through Clarity’s online customer portal.

Wireless Adapters

Not recommended because they will impact voice quality

Call Handling Features

Anonymous Call Rejection

The anonymous call rejection service allows you to reject calls from parties who have explicitly restricted their identities like robo-dialers.

Call Back

While listening to a voicemail message, press a key to instantly call the person back (right from your voicemail).

Call Blocking

Manually block calls based on an area code, number or other options like 411 or international calls.

Call Flip

Transfer calls to a cell phone to take a conversation on-the-go.

Call Forwarding

Never miss a call. Redirect callers to another extension, your mobile phone, home office or anywhere you wish. Receive important calls wherever business takes you. Route customer to your mobile phone and seamlessly transfer calls back to your office again.

Call Hold

When pressed, the caller will hear MOH until the call is resumed.

Call Logs

  • View reports of all incoming and outgoing calls in the system
  • Export call logs to Excel
  • Search by specific criteria and date

Call Park

Parking a call is very similar to putting a call on hold. The key difference is, when you put a call on hold you can only retrieve the held call from the phone that put the call on hold. With Call Park, you can put a call on hold and pick it up from ANY phone.

Call Pass

Transfer calls taken on your cell phone back to your desk phone without interruption.

Call Presence

Indicates which phones are in use by displaying a status on your phone display. Call Presence keys also act as a speed dial.

Call Queue

Caller will never hear a busy signal again. Call queuing ensures all inquires are answered in the order received. Improve office efficiency and customize on -hold message based on caller type: new lead, active customer, returning customer or prospective employee etc.

Call Screening

Know who?s calling you before you answer. Send call to voicemail or transfer before you speak to the caller.

Call Transfer

  • Attached Transfer
  • Blind Transfer
  • Call Waiting

If you are on a call and your extension is presented with an external call, you will hear a call waiting tone and may place one call on hold to answer the second call. You will hear a beep indicating an incoming call. You will then be able to put your current caller on hold and answer the new call. You can continue to alternate between parties as often as you?d like. It?s like having two lines while paying for only one!

Caller ID

You can identify who?s calling before you pick up the phone. The number and name (if available) of incoming call appears on your display.

Caller ID Block

Block your caller ID from being displayed on outbound calls.

Caller ID Setting

This feature provides options for setting Caller ID numbers and, if referred, alpha-numeric names that appear on outbound calls for each extension

Cell Phone Integration

See Call Transferring

Click to Call

Integrate Clarity service with your web browser.

Click to Dial

Enables you to initiate a call to your Clarity phone with one click.

Daytime vs After hours Routing

Change how calls are handled during office hours or after hours. Additional holiday routing and messaging can be established or modified at will.

Directed Call Pickup

Allows you to answer a call that is ringing to someone else?s line. This is possible after dialing the directed call pickup feature access code and the extension of the user who is receiving the call.

Do Not Disturb

If your extension is set to Do Not Disturb, anyone trying to call you will be sent directly to your voicemail box.


When you loose power or internet service your phones will route to an external number of your choosing. Incase of power or phone outages your phones will automatically be routed based on your choosing such as a 2nd office, home office, mobile phone or any combination of alternative phone numbers.

Follow Me

Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring in designated sequence. Ensure you don’t miss calls whether you’re in the office, on the road or at home.

Line Mirroring

Line mirroring allows you to have multiple line keys on your phone for the same line of service. This allows multiple calls to be organized more easily on separate line keys of your phone.

Missed Call Notification

Notification includes caller phone number, day and time of call. Choose to get notified by email or SMS text message. Know when you miss calls – whether they leave you a message or not.

Multiple Devices on One Extension

Yes, this can be done, but NOT built into standard pricing

Queue Callback

Enable callers to avoid waiting on hold by offering to call them back in the order their call was received.

Selective Call Acceptance

The selective call acceptance feature allows you to set up conditions that must be met before a call can come through to your phone. You can set conditions for certain phone numbers or specific times of day. If the conditions are not met, you can configure how you would like the call re-routed.

Simultaneous Ring

Never worry about missing a call because you’re on the other line or helping a customer. Set all phones to ring, including your cell phone or home phone, at the same time as your business line. PLUS, transfer live calls from your cell phone back to the business phones with ease. Automatically set your phone to ring multiple places at once. When new leads call you can have your office, home and mobile phone all ring at the same time to ensure you never miss a sale opportunity.

Smart Routing

Automatically & intelligently route calls to a live person wherever they roam (in office or to their mobile phone). Smart Routing can direct all of your calls to a live answer ? 24/7. You’ll have the ability to take calls anywhere, at anytime.

Transfer to and from Cellphones

Forwarding calls no longer is restricted by your four walls. Transfer any caller to another office extension or external phone number of your choosing. Receive calls wherever business takes you. Office callers can be quickly transferred to your mobile phone, home phone or secondary office location. Likewise, you can then transfer a mobile caller back to your office again.

Virtual Personal Assistant (IOS/Android App)

Use our mobile app to take your office with you. Our system ensures your caller ID doesn’t change even if you’re not at your office. “Even if you?re away from your business, our system frees your team to work the way they want in today?s mobile, distributed and always-on work world. Just download our app on apple or android device and it will be just like you’re in your office. No more customers calling you in the middle of the night on your mobile, unless you want them to. Ensure when you call back from your mobile, your office phone number shows up in caller ID for customers.

Virtual Receptionist

  • Day and Night Mode? Schedule different greetings according to time of day and day of week
  • Dial-by-name Directory? Callers can dial a last name or first name to get the extension they need
  • Virtual Departments
  • Play different greeting messages on each incoming phone number
  • Import Greetings: upload 3rd party professional greetings to use as Virtual Receptionist greetings


  • Password Protected
  • Unavailable/Employees Name
  • Exit Voicemail
  • Visual Waiting Indicator

Voicemail Escape (New)

Offer callers a quick exit from voicemail.

Voicemail to Email

Email or text alerts can be sent to you when you receive voicemail on any phone line. Receive a playable v-mail file on email or simply receive an alert so you know when callers leave messages. Increase your response time by instantly receiving voice messages in your email or notification by SMS text message.

Voicemail to SMS

Only receive an alert when voicemails are left as an SMS Text Message alerts. Allows email message notification anywhere business takes you. Improves customer response times, minimizes admin effort and let’s you manage messages easily and effectively.

Voicemail Transcription

Whether you’re actively servicing a customer, out of the office, or in a loud and bustling business, sometimes you simply have to miss calls and listening to lengthy voicemails can be time consuming. Voicemail Transcription lets you discreetly view a caller?s message as text within an email just moments after you receive a voicemail. This ensures you stay connected to all your important calls and keeps your business moving forward.

  • Turn your voicemail recordings into test quickly, easily and accurately
  • Discreetly emails your voicemails for private review.
  • Enables quick forwarding of transcribed messages for prompt follow-up

Collaboration Features

3-way Conferencing

The phone allows three callers to be joined in a call together in a conference.

Call Monitoring

We offer features such as a dashboard to show you who’s on active calls and “listen-in” functionality to monitor conversatons.

Call Recording*

Automatically record inbound & outbound phone calls. Recordings continue even when transferred to out of office numbers. We record all your calls, not just selected lines. Understand the conversations that have taken place, when promises are made, or you’re not available to listen-in-live.

Conference Bridge

Conference bridge feature allows you to connect a large amount of people into a conference call. Why waste money on outside conference call providers when you can hold your conference calls right from your Clarity Office phone at no charge?

Contacts Integration

Import your contacts from Outlook vCard, Google CSV or Apple vCard into the Clarity Portal.

Extension Names

You may assign names to extensions. This name will be displayed on the screens of the phones you call.

Group Call Pick Up

Group Pickup (or Group Call Pickup) lets employees answer incoming calls for other group members.

POS Integration

Through an ATA, inbound calls will push the Caller ID information to a POS system. Presence See who?s available, who?s busy with the Presence feature. Clarity’s user portal lets you instantly see the status of other employees on your phone system.

Shared Call Appearance

Shared call appearance will allow multiple phones to have your line assigned to them. This will allow you to make and receive calls from your line at multiple locations. You can also apply someone else?s line in your company to your phone to make and receive calls as them.

Three-Way Calling

The three-way calling feature allows you to make a three-way call with two other parties. This would allow all three parties to communicate with each other simultaneously.

Management Tool Features

24/7 Technical Support

Clarity support is 100% US based. We have people on-call 24/7 to assist you. Plus, each member of our support team is technically certified and a native English speaker.

Admin Portal

Manage all aspects of your phone system from a web-based portal. View current and past invoices, make changes to phones, create voicemail groups, upload hold music, create paging groups, view call history and much more.

Call Coaching

Unless you can listen to both sides of a conversation, it?s impossible to know whether callers are receiving the type of quality service you expect. Coaching tools allow you to listen to calls in real-time. Then, with features like Monitor, Whisper or Join, you can provide coaching during or immediately after calls to ensure your service is always the very best.

Call Reports & Analytics

Get instant insight to improve customer service and ensure adequate staffing. Reporting includes:

  • call volume by day of week & by time periods
  • customer hold time
  • customer abandonment
  • and much more!

Call Scoring

Clarity’s simple check-list will help you create your own call scorecard. Use it as you monitor calls to ensure consistent customer service and exceptional caller experiences.

Custom Call Reports

Use data to help drive your decisions and enhance business performance. Reports include answer times, hold times, missed calls, abandoned calls, # rings before an answer, # transfers to answering service, # by marketing tactic used and more.

Custom Number Tagging

Add a unique tag to easily identify origin of incoming calls to each phone number.


? Real-time status of coworkers

? Extension to extension click-to-call functionality


Allows you quickly join the conversation if you or your employee think the situation merits your immediate assistance. Whether dealing with a difficult customer or quickly answering a complex question for a prospective customer. Join functionality offers managers quick access to save or secure the sale.

Listen In

Monitor calls in real-time without making your caller nervous by giving off clues that there is a third person on the line. Ease employees because you?re not leaning over their shoulder trying to listen. Hear both sides of the conversation first hand and deliver immediate coaching after the call.

Live and on demand training

Award winning support & on-demand training that is always available based on your schedule!

Performance Monitoring

Monitor calls live through Listen In, Join, Whisper or through call recordings.

Unified Inbox

Keep all messages in a single unified inbox? access and manage all messages from your existing inbox.

User Portal

  • Administer all account settings online through easy to use interface.
  • Set Permissions/Multiple Roles that allow limited access for end users.
  • End Users can manage their own extension settings with individual logins.

Virtual Installation Specialists

With Clarity, there?s no waiting on someone to install your system or missed install appointments. Our phone system is simple enough to install it yourself. But our technically trained support specialists are standing by 24/7 to talk you through every step of your system installation just in case.


Softly relay information to your employee without the caller hearing you. Allows you to assist an employee on what to say, like details on the service or give them insight about topics you know the caller cares about. No more standing over anyone’s shoulder. Coaching employee’s through live calls has never been easier. Whisper answers to caller questions or suggest upsell/cross sells during live calls. Only your employee will hear what is said.

Mobility Features

Office Anywhere Web

  • Web Phone included with each extension
  • Plug-in a headset or use your computer speakers/microphone
  • Integrated with company directories, chat, call history & voicemail

Never Miss a Call

  • Cell phone integration? allows employees to forward calls to cell phones
  • Call Forwarding
  • Follow Me
  • Simultaneous Ring

Office Anywhere – Mobile App

Use our mobile app to take your office with you. Our system ensures when you call someone from your mobile, your office phone number shows up in the caller ID. In other words, no more customers calling you in the middle of the night on your mobile, unless you want them to. Our app frees your team to work the way they want in today?s mobile, distributed and always-on work world.

Work from Anywhere

Clarity Office Anywhere mobile app and online user portal provide powerful tools to work from wherever business takes you.

P1C (Press 1 Confirmation)

Calls from the office ring your mobile phone. When mobile phone is answered, callee is asked to “Press 1 to connect the call”. The message will alert the callee that it’s a business call and calls will never redirect to the mobile phone voicemail.

Marketing Tools Features

Directory Listing

Increase your company?s visibility with free publication of your contact information.

Message While Ring

Replace initial ring-tone with a general 5-second message for callers to hear prior to answering your phone. Increase sales by ensuring every caller hears about your featured items, sales specials or your upcoming holiday hours.

Messaging On Hold

Give your business a professional edge playing recorded music or marketing messages while your callers are on hold. Combine with Auto-Attendant function to add unique on-hold music or messaging by caller type to further educate callers about new products/services and/or awareness of monthly advertised specials.

Professionally Recorded Greetings

Clarity offers optional professional services to record greetings, seasonal promotions or featured items. Contact your Account manager for cost and subscription options.

Inbound Call Labeling

Phone numbers can be labeled so the phone display will identify to the callee which number was called.

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