Benefits of VoIP

10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone

Clarity Voice - Your Most Powerful Business Tool Scalable. Agile. Reliable. When is a phone, just a phone? A phone is just a phone, but when you upgrade from an average business phone to Clarity Voice, your phone becomes one of your business’s most powerful tools. Check [...]

Top Features to Deploy in a Pandemic

Coronavirus Causes Companies to Reconsider Telecommuting Tools Mention telecommuting to someone and it's almost a given they'll joke about working in pajamas, or voice concerns over productivity. However, now that Covid-19 (coronavirus) has sparked serious concerns about workforce safety, there's no question that telecommuting is a viable way to curtail the spread of this current [...]

Rest Assured with Clarity’s End-to-End Security

Clarity Voice VoIP Network Safe. Secure. Scalable. Protecting your communications against fraud and abuse. Security - why do I need it? Clarity offers you added peace of mind by instituting robust security measures at every level for your architecture and processes. These include the physical, network, host, [...]

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New 2020 Statistics Reveal Phone Handling Impacts Car Sales Success

Statistics reveal, your phone and your ability to help callers remain a key way to improve Dealership performance.  Only 1 in 3 potential car buyers know the exact vehicle they want to purchase. Marketers can influence these undecided buyers by targeting them with the right digital ads at the right time (Source: Cox). 61% of new and [...]

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Stop guessing and know what happened to each customer call

Call Dispositions helps ensure quality customer service With Clarity’s Call Disposition codes your customer service team can tag each call noting the outcome. This simple way of labeling inbound calls will keep track of what’s happening in your business. Clarity’s communication system allows you to use fully customized labels and it only takes seconds for [...]

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What to do if your VoIP Calls are Breaking Up

Are Your VoIP Calls Breaking Up? Unified Communications solutions like Clarity Voice’s FranchisePhones® and DealerPhones® can enhance collaboration throughout your business ecosystem among employees, multiple locations and most importantly… your customers.  Today’s consumers are on-the-go and in a world of email and text messages, the way to differentiate your business is through personalized relationships [...]

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