When we started Clarity in 2005, we didn’t know we were innovators in cloud-based phone systems. But we did know our business philosophy was vastly different from any other phone company. We figured that if we treated our customers (and employees) like we want to be treated, they would respect us, and refer the best businesses and employees to us. It’s a philosophy that’s worked well so far, so we keep striving to be the Most Respected, Most Referred Cloud Communications Company in North America.

Clarity was founded by small and medium business owners, so we know the challenges you face and just how important your phone system is to your business. We know how much you  have at stake – that’s why we strive for 100% customer satisfaction, every day.

Clarity was started back in 2005 when our founder’s frustration with the arrogance and indifference experienced from telephone companies and equipment vendors toward their small and medium businesses reached the boiling point. So in a moment of clarity and inspiration they declared, “let’s start a VoIP company that actually wants to help businesses with their communication needs instead of just selling them something to make a quick buck ”, and Clarity was born. Little did they know, at the time that Clarity would be one of the pioneers of VoIP based Hosted PBX – today known more commonly as Cloud Phone Service, and after some bumps along the way, would emerge as a thought leader in business VoIP. Put another way, we’ve learned from experience and know what works (and what doesn’t).

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Today, we own our own technology which is placed throughout North America in carrier-class data centers. Our carrier interconnect agreements are expansive and redundant, offering the largest footprint available of any business-class VoIP provider and because it’s important to our customers, our network is managed to put unsurpassed quality and reliability ahead of lowest cost.

Our customers rest easy knowing that the communication lifeblood of their business is being served by experts in cloud phone technology, and not a wire-based phone, cable or PBX company that just joined “the cloud” revolution. It’s also important to note that as a legally registered Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) company,  you won’t wake up on Monday morning with your VoIP company shut down by the Feds!

Last but not least, we’re privately held and financially strong. It means our success comes from serving customers over the long-term – not from appeasing Silicon Valley venture capitalists or Wall Street stockholders.