What is a cloud phone company?

Traditionally, PBX phone systems resided in a box stuffed with electronics in your office or building. But with VoIP cloud phone companies like Clarity, that box lives on the internet. Using the cloud to host your VoIP phone services enables some amazing possibilities including:

  • Using mobile phones as office phones
  • Eliminating busy signals thanks to unlimited phone lines
  • Having voice mails transcribed and emailed to you

Our History

Clarity is one of the pioneers of cloud-based VOIP phone systems.

Since our founding in 2005, we’ve expanded our technology into carrier-class data centers throughout North America.

We’ve forged carrier interconnect agreements that are expansive and redundant, offering the largest footprint available of any business-class phone service.

And our customers have learned to rest easy knowing that the communication lifeblood of their business is being served by experts in cloud phone technology, and not a wire-based phone, cable or PBX company that just joined “the cloud” revolution.

alt="Gary Goerke_Founder image from Clarity Voice"

Our Founder

Our founder and CEO Gary Goerke combines world-class expertise in emerging technologies with a distinct focus on enhancing profitability for small and medium-size businesses.

A leading evangelist for business class VoIP, Gary is frequented cited as an authority relied upon for practical insights on business and technology.

An advocate for local businesses and member of the IFA (International Franchise Association) since 2009, Gary has served on the organization’s technology committee, evaluating and creating tools that allow franchise systems to build and protect their brands.

Gary is focused on the success of business owners by providing valuable telecommunications solutions that meet the distinct needs of both small businesses and nations franchising community.

Our Values

The culture of a company is defined by the people who are part of it. It’s how they think and how they act. It’s about what they hold as important in their work lives. It’s their values. What they believe and how they act because it’s who they are.

The Clarity team is bound by a Code of Values. It’s what we believe and supports our company vision of becoming the Most Respected, Most Referred Cloud Phone Company in North America.

Other companies have a culture. At Clarity Voice, we have a code.

Our Code of Values

  • Dedicated
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Serve Before Gain
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Humbly Confident
  • Seek to Understand

Privately held, financially strong, government approved

Being privately held means we can measure our success by how well our customers are doing and with the highest retention rates in the industry, we appreciate the loyalty our customers give us in return.
Because we’re the phone company, and not a reseller of another company’s services, we control the quality our service and continually release new features based on customer feedback.
And because Clarity Voice is a legally registered FCC/CRTC communications company, you can trust that our phone services are well regulated and well run across all of North America.