Some of the ways VoIP from Clarity can help you save money

By choosing a virtual PBX (also known as hosted PBX, cloud PBX, or cloud VoIP), you get all the best phone features without investing in costly hardware.



Lower Overall Costs

Save money by:
Eliminating on-location hardware
Avoiding hardware maintenance
Updating & upgrading software free
Removing the need for a dedicated IT staff

Easily Scale Up and Down with the Needs of Your Business

Adding or removing phone numbers, phone lines, and extensions is as easy as clicking a mouse. You never worry about getting stuck with hardware you don’t need or with a virtual PBX phone system from Clarity.

Control Your Entire Phone System From Your Computer

Clarity’s desktop application gives you the ability to customize every aspect of your phone system using your computer. Forward lines, retrieve voice mails, receive and send faxes. Or simply call our US-based user experience team and we’ll support any changes you’d like made.


If you’re not using your phone system to sell products and services to everyone who calls, you’re not just missing a sale…you’re missing the boat.
Nothing reduces the cost of ownership like making more sales. Sure, there are bunch of smart cash and capital saving reasons to use VoIP service from Clarity,
but the best reason of all is that almost everything we do is designed to help you and your business…
Make. More. Sales.

No More Missed Calls

Every call you miss could be a missed sale. With Clarity, Unlimited Phone Lines mean your customers will never hear a busy signal. You’ll get calls even if your office internet or power goes out. And Missed Call Notifications empower you to instantly call back callers who choose not to leave a message.

Sell to a Captive Audience

In-Ring Messaging lets you play a recorded offer to callers even before you tell them to press 1. On-Hold Messaging ensures you’re using your hold time to up-sell customers on active promotions or inform them of your unique benefits. Studies show that 33% of callers hang up when put on hold. Playing a fun or informative sales message while they wait will keep them engaged and prep them to buy.

Improve Your Customer Service

With Clarity, you’ll get the tools you need to monitor your staff’s interactions with customers and help them do a better job of servicing and selling. Monitoring and training tools – hear first hand how calls are handled and jump-in to save sales or train new employees with Listen-In, Whisper, Join, and Call Recording functions.


Save time, trouble, and money with a VoIP phone system from Clarity

Your Phone System is Out-of-Date

Traditional phone systems becomes obsolete over time. Hardware ages. Software grows stale. But with VoIP service from Clarity, your phone system is always as advanced as our most recent software update. Plus, you’ll never have to spend a nickel to upgrade your hardware or software again.

You’re Out of Capacity

Adding lines or extensions to a traditional PBX often requires more hardware and an expert’s expensive consulting time. But with Clarity, you can easily add capacity without the added cost of a technician.

You’re Moving to a New Location

Why spend the money to have a technician uninstall your old system, transfer it to your new office, set it up, and test it when you could just switch to a virtual phone system in the cloud? In addition, switching helps you avoid having your phones down before, during and right after the move.

You’re Adding a Location

You could purchase and install a new phone system for the new location, or you could upgrade your current system and seamlessly combine the two. In the long run, being able to mange and maintain your entire network from one location will save you time and money.

You Need More Functionality

If your current phone system doesn’t give you the power to track and monitor calls, listen into calls, or run reports on usage, you’re missing out on a mountain of data that could be helping you to make more sales. Upgrading to a VoIP cloud phone system from Clarity will give you all these functions and more!


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Hi, my name is Dan and I’m here to help!

I’d love to talk about what Clarity can do for your business.



Hi, my name is Dan and I’m here to help!

I’d love to talk about what Clarity can do for your business.