Internet management, security, monitoring, and optimization service.

Maximum performance. Ultimate protection. One device.


Clarity’s Watchdog Service

As a VoIP based Hosted PBX – known more commonly as Cloud Phone Service, we strive to help local businesses succeed by leveraging personalized cloud communication solutions. We work as the professionals responsible for the critical telecommunications technology that connects you with your customers. Our Watchdog Service™ ensures all your internet connected devices operate at top performance with added protection from outside threats.

Clarity’s Watchdog Service™ isn’t just powerful, it’s designed with real business in mind. With so much on the line, you can trust that our technically certified Watchdogs never take your business safety and performance lightly. We understand that each industry has its own set of requirements and risks. That’s why we offer a tailored service to ensure your business is protected from today’s predators and load balanced for top

With the speed of change in business today, it’s hard to know if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is delivering all the speed and quality you purchased or to keep up with the many ways hackers can harm your business. Subscribing to Clarity’s Watchdog Service™ you can rest assured we’ll be proactively monitoring, so you can focus on realizing your vision.

Watchdog Benefits

Single System

One device for Quality of Service (QoS) & supreme performance for your office network.

Safeguards ALL Devices

Supports all your internet connected equipment; phones, POS, payment processing & computers.

Easy Implementation

Our equipment is easy to use, and we’ll personally talk you through installation & activation.

Maximize Performance

Quality of Service load balancing for critical systems are prioritized to deliver top performance.

Data Protection

Automatic alerts inform you when service attacks occur.

Software Updates

We’ll instantly update Watchdog & provide performance-based support to maximize system performance.

Personalized Support

NEVER talk to a machine. Technically certified advisers are available at a moment’s notice.

24/7 Fail-Safe Monitoring

Clarity’s central monitoring proactively watches network speed reductions & unauthorized access.

ISP Activists

We’ll inform you when your ISP fails to deliver the service you paid for & help you resolve issues fast.

Designed for ANY Size Business

  • Essentials (AI 400)

  • All features you need, PLUS: Up to 100MB/100MB bandwith optimization

  • • License for internet failover (LTE or second internet)
    • License for internet bonding (up to 4 internet circuits added together)

  • $99.95/mo (U.S.)
  • Enhanced (AI 600)

  • All features of Essentials, PLUS: Up to 200MB/200MB bandwith optimization

  • • License for internet failover (LTE or second internet)
    • License for internet bonding (up to 6 internet circuits added together)

  • $199.95/mo (U.S.)

  • Enterprise (AI 9000)

  • All features of Enhanced, PLUS: Up to 1 Gbps/1 Gbps bandwith optimization

  • • License for internet failover (LTE or second internet)
    • License for internet bonding (up to 8 internet circuits added together)

  • $599.95/mo (U.S.)

Offer Terms: Offered in U.S. and Canada. Minimum 24-month contract. Equipment is owned by Clarity and must be returned upon service cancellation. Activation Fees apply.

Clarity’s commitment for quality goes into all of our hosted communication systems, but with Watchdog, we go beyond your phones by protecting your computers, point-of-sales systems and payment processing as well.


…finally a phone service provider that helps business owners reach their performance goals while optimizing the customer experience and supporting you like you’re part of the family – We’re Clarity Voice!

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