VoIP Optimized Networking & Equipment

///VoIP Optimized Networking & Equipment
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What you need for a VoIP Optimized Network

1. High speed internet

High Speed Internet from an internet service provider. Business-Class is recommended T1,Cable, FIOS, Fiber). Avoid garbled conversations, Do NOT use satellite or Wi-Fi.

2. Quality of Service Router from Clarity

All Routers ship pre-configured from Clarity. Supports up to 4 Ethernet Connections

3. Office phones from ClarityPhone

Equipment ships pre-configured from Clarity. Connect to your business network with computer “Ethernet” cables.

4. Computers

Can be plugged into the PC port on the back of the phone for internet connectivity.

Optional Equipment

Extra Ethernet switches to provide additional Ethernet connections

Jabra Wireless Headsets for hands free phone use

Quality of Service Routers

Your office computer network is a busy place. All day long, your network and the internet it connects to is jammed with people uploading, downloading, and streaming gigabytes of content.

All this traffic can cause slowdowns and even data loss. But at Clarity, we know your phone calls and financials should take precedent over cat videos and Twitter wars. And that’s basically what a Quality of Service Router does

Quality of Service gives you the ability to prioritize certain kinds of traffic. For example, you can set your router to give priority to Voice traffic over web surfing or email. This means that if someone downloads a file while you’re talking on your VoIP phone, your voice quality won’t be lost or garbled because it’s been assigned first priority.


What’s a Modem?

On a basic level, the modem gives you access to the web. The modem receives information from your ISP through the phone line or coaxial cable and converts it into a digital signal that then goes into a router to be redistributed to the computers and other digital equipment on your network.

Why you should buy your own

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will provide businesses with a modem for “free”, but the modem is not free. It’s being rented each month for up to $10/month. The cost is typically buried in the charges on the bill.

Over the course of a year, this fee can add up to over $120 – more expensive than buying a modem of
their own. Clarity encourages customers to purchase their own standalone modem to ensure a VoIP
Optimized Network and ROI on the equipment for the customer.

What we recommend

  • Typically, we recommend a Motorola Surfboard SB6180
  • Customers must check their ISPs website for compatible modems with their speeds