Are you ready to jump on the bandwidth bandwagon?

Not all internet traffic is created equal. Internet surfing, phone calls, video streaming, data processing, all share the same connection. You want to make sure to prioritize your voice and payment processing. We can show you how.



High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet from a quality internet service provider is required to run a VoIP telephone system. To avoid garbled conversations, do NOT use satellite or Wi-Fi internet connections. A Business-Class connection such as Fiber, T1, Cable, or FIOS is recommended

Quality of Service Router from Clarity

All Routers ship pre-configured from Clarity and supports up to 4 Ethernet Connections. We also provide router configuration guides if you choose to supply your own device. 

Office Phones from Clarity

Telephone equipment ships pre-configured from Clarity. Simply connect to your business network with computer “Ethernet” cables and you can immediately start calling.

* Optional Equipment: Jabra Wireless Headsets (for hands-free phone use)


You can connect desk phones and computers using the same Ethernet connection. Phones can be plugged into the PC port on the back of the phone for joint internet connectivity.


QoS – What is it? And why do I need it?

Your office network is a busy place. All day long, your network and the internet it connects to is jammed with people uploading, downloading, and streaming gigabytes of content.

All this traffic can cause slowdowns and even data loss. But at Clarity, we know your phone calls and financials should take precedence over cat videos and Twitter wars. And that’s basically what a Quality of Service Router does — it acts like a traffic cop for your network.

Quality of Service gives you the ability to prioritize certain kinds of traffic. For example, you can set your router to give priority to Voice traffic over web surfing or email. This means that if someone downloads a file while you’re talking on your VoIP phone, your voice quality won’t be lost or garbled because it’s been assigned first priority.



  • A router is the device that links your computers and VoIP phone to your Internet connection and provides voice quality assurance. While your Clarity phone will work without a Clarity supplied router, the quality and consistency of the audio may be below what is acceptable for a business environment.
  • Clarity’s NETGEAR R6220 Quality of Service router is pre-configured to reserve a small portion of your bandwidth for voice calls only and will prioritize your voice traffic over your data traffic, to ensure the best call quality. With NETGEAR’s advanced features and best-in-class technology, there will be less interference and more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity with its dual band Gigabit technology.
  • If you choose to purchase your own router, other Recommended QoS Routers are:

Cellular Backup

Temporary internet network outages – even those lasting just a few minutes – can cripple organizations that rely on Internet access for POS transactions, online ordering, customer service, loyalty programs, inventory management, supply-chain applications, human resources, VoIP telephone, video conferencing, and MORE! Even a 10-15 second delay can disrupt operations, impact revenue, and frustrate customers and employees alike.

To ensure maximized business up-time, even when the unexpected happens, the industry standard is to install a failover device by PEPWAVE that automatically switches from your local Internet provider to 4G LTE broadband cellular service when your local Internet service goes down. This approach provides you the best results in terms of flexibility, functionality, and cost because it ensures your business-critical communications will always work, even if your local Internet does not.

  • Compatible with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile SIM Cards
  • Easy out-of-the-box set-up
  • Failover between redundant SIM slots
  • GPS Tracking for easy and convenient fleet management

Clarity’s Watchdog Service™

Our Watchdog Service™ ensures all your internet connected devices operate at top performance with added protection from outside threats. Clarity’s Watchdog Service™ isn’t just powerful, it’s designed with real business in mind. With so much on the line, you can trust that our technically certified Watchdogs never take your business safety and performance lightly. We understand that each industry has its own set of requirements and risks. That’s why we offer a tailored service to ensure your business is protected from today’s predators and load balanced for top performance.


Modems – What are they? And why I need my own.

On a basic level, a modem gives you access to the web. The modem receives information from your ISP through the phone line, or coaxial cable, and converts it into a digital signal that then goes into a router to be redistributed to the computers and other digital equipment on your network.

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will provide businesses with a modem for “free”, but it’s not free. The modem is actually being rented each month for up to $10/month. Typically the charge is buried in the bill. Over the course of a year, this fee can add up to over $120 – more expensive than buying a modem of
your own. Clarity encourages our customers to purchase their own standalone modem to ensure a VoIP Optimized Network and a positive ROI on their equipment.

If you choose to purchase your own modem, Clarity recommends a Arris Surfboard SB6190. It’s important to check with your ISP provider to ensure this modem is compatible with their speeds.

Hi, my name is Dan and I’m here to help!

I’d love to talk about what Clarity can do for your business.



Hi, my name is Dan and I’m here to help!

I’d love to talk about what Clarity can do for your business.