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FranchisePhones® is the only VoIP service provider specializing in the needs of franchisors and franchisees. This means that regardless of what role you play in the franchise world, we already have the solutions that make your life a little easier.

As an active member of the International Franchise Association, we’re in touch with the trends and developments that keep our technology at the leading edge of the industry. Even better: we’re honored that the IFA entrusts their own communications solutions to FranchisePhones®.

So easy to install and use, we call it Phone System in a Box®

You shouldn’t have to be a tech genius to run your business phone system. When you upgrade to Clarity Voice you get:

Reliability.  You’ll never experience downtime due to local power or internet outages, because your calls will be routed through our high-end cloud-based servers.

A trusted partner.  We consider our clients success part of the core value we deliver, and we operate as your trusted business partners to keep your company growing.

Scalability. We easily grow and change with your business to keep you in touch with the people who keep you growing.

DealerPhones provides your operations with a full package of telecom features and functionality to flexibility untangle your communications from costly all-inclusive dealer management systems (like CDK Global, Reynolds and Reynolds, etc) improving sales and service operations

At DealerPhones we’ve worked with general managers across multiple locations and brands to create a phone service solution that gives you both the flexibility to choose how you want to deploy your telecommunication strategy while delivering you a competitive selling advantage along with prospect protection.

Inspired by working with successful pizzeria’s and multi-unit operators from across the country, PizzaPhones has the ingredients to meet your everyday needs rolled into one phone system. Our phone system is feature rich and provides benefits that boost customer service, staff productivity and per ticket revenue.

Our unique PizzaPhones packages are designed to meet any pizzeria’s needs with unlimited phone lines you can take unlimited calls even during a lunch or dinner rush as well as those unique ‘big game days’ or ‘hopping holidays’ that heat up your sales.

Physician offices, medical centers and healthcare organizations rely on the DocPhones® cloud business communications platform to optimize patient interaction and streamline communications.

Ever been stuck on a call and need to leave for the hospital? Swap the call! You can easily and seamlessly transfer your calls between desk phone and mobile devices and back again. Your caller doesn’t even notice the transition.

In a medical practice office, a reliable business phone system is a crucial tool to help doctors stay connected with their staff and patients. With the use of a robust VoIP phone system you can increase staff productivity, improve the quality of patient care, and save money due to the low overhead costs of our hosted services.

Our cloud-based medical office communication platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to boost the productivity of your team and ensure your time is keep patient centric. Cloud based solutions let you answer calls and take care of business at your pace – on the road or while making rounds.

Bottomline, we’ll help you cut costs and make it easier to run your practice.

We know drugstores are under immense pressure to deliver the highest-quality customer experience while complying with state and federal regulations and reducing overall store operation costs. With so much at stake, you need a communications solution that can support you in this new environment without compromise—all while being cost-efficient.

PharmacyPhones® provides a highly secure infrastructure and comprehensive solution that allows HIPAA-regulated businesses to use our communication solutions from many devices while saying compliant. With business operations and patient interactions becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices, Pharmacies need to support responsive communications that improves customer, physician and insurer satisfaction while improving operations efficiency.