Improving Your Network to Optimize HD Voice

A well-planned, organized office computer network (or LAN) is foundational for high performing, secure business communications. In addition, VoIP traffic on your office computer network is much more sensitive to delay, latency, jitter, and packet loss than typical data applications. Simply put, following some simple guidelines will help you have a good performing network and lessen audio loss and choppiness on your phone.



Install a “single-port, stand-alone” modem for your cable or DSL internet service

A modem works better for high-volume business applications like VoIP rather than a router/business gateway. Unless requested, most cable and DSL Internet providers will install a router/business gateway. Often, when a modem is asked for, the technicians think you don’t understand the difference and will install a router/business gateway regardless. Sometimes by saying “single-port” or “stand-alone” modem, the technicians will better understand that you know what you’re asking for and will install the correct device.

Why does Clarity recommend a modem instead of a router/business gateway? In short, it’s capacity.  Modems are designed to do one thing, while routers/business gateways do many things. With VoIP, the routers/business gateways supplied by the cable and DSL companies aren’t powerful enough to meet the Internet traffic demand and start losing information. You can then experience long periods of silence, which turns into dropped phone calls.

Recommended Modem: ArrisSurfboard SB6190

If you have a fiber connection, be sure to have the installer run an Ethernet cable into your office, rather than a coaxial cable, from the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The Ethernet cable will plug directly into your QoS router.

Install a Clarity Quality of Service (QoS) router

While your VoIP service will work without using a router provided by Clarity, your voice quality may be choppy and have periods of quiet in a conversation. Clarity routers have a special type of QoS (“Quality of Service”) designed specifically for use on our services. The QoS helps to maintain a higher quality, consistent voice connection by acting as an “internet traffic cop” – giving telephone conversations priority over email and other internet usage.

Clarity’s Netgear Quality of Service router (WNR3500L) is flashed with an upgraded and feature-heavy firmware with Linux core. The firmware boosts the functionality of the router in ways that your average router’s stock firmware cannot achieve. Features such as Advanced QoS (Quality of Service) and bandwidth allocation, keep your VoIP calls crystal clear even when running large applications on your network.

Clarity’s Watchdog is a firewall with QoE (Quality of Experience). Our Watchdog Service™ ensures all your internet connected devices operate at top performance with added protection from outside threats. Clarity’s Watchdog Service™ isn’t just powerful, it’s designed with real business in mind. With so much on the line, you can trust that our technically certified Watchdogs never take your business safety and performance lightly. We understand that each industry has its own set of requirements and risks. That’s why we offer a tailored service to ensure your business is protected from today’s predators and load balanced for top performance. The watchdog device must be remotely installed by our dedicated installation team. They will schedule a time with you, to program the device into your network.

Additional routers with Quality of Service (QoS), recommended by Clarity:

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