Internet Monitoring Services

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Discover Clarity’s Watchdog Service

Clarity’s Watchdog Service™ is designed with your business in mind. You can trust our technically-certified Watchdogs to never take your business safety and performance lightly. We understand that each industry has its own set of requirements and risks. That’s why we offer a service tailored to your particular needs to ensure your business is protected from today’s predators and load balanced for top performance.


Single System

One device for Quality of Service (QoS) & supreme performance for your office network.

Safeguards ALL Devices

Supports all your internet connected equipment; phones, POS, payment processing & computers.

Easy Implementation

Our equipment is easy to use, and we’ll personally talk you through installation & activation.

Maximize Performance

Quality of Service load balancing for critical systems are prioritized to deliver top performance.

Data Protection

Automatic alerts inform you when service attacks occur.

Software Updates

We’ll instantly update Watchdog & provide performance based support to maximize system performance.

Personalized Support

NEVER talk to a machine. Technically-certified advisors are available at a moment’s notice.

24/7 Fail-Safe Monitoring

Clarity’s central monitoring proactively watches network speed reductions & unauthorized access.

ISP Activists

We’ll inform you when your ISP fails to deliver the service you paid for & help you resolve issues fast.

Designed for ANY size business

Fixed Pricing –
No Surprises!


Basics (AI 400)Essentials (AI 400)Enhanced (AI 600)


Up to 100MB/20MB bandwidth optimizationUp to 100MB/100 MB bandwidth optimizationUp to 200MB/200MB bandwidth optimization


  • License for internet fallover (LTE or second internet)
  • License for internet bonding (up to 6 internet circuits added together)
 All additional features as Essentials



Ready to get a Watchdog for your business?

To order or to learn more about having our Watchdog watch over your business, use this form or call us at 800.786.6160.