Who Comes First? The Customer or The Employee

The Customer Employee Comes First

Have it Your Way!?

The Customer is Always Right!?

Do everything with the customer in mind!?

These are long-accepted mantras that a lot of companies have built cultures around. And it’s worked well for some of them.

But it’s not bulletproof. Have it Your Way breaks down quickly when the kid working the burger station doesn’t feel like making a burger with extra onions, two pickles, cheese shaped like a heart and mayo, BELOW the pattie, not on top.

All the corporate slogans and motivational posters go out the window every time an employee doesn’t care to do what the customer says. The whole concept is for naught.

A disinterested or rude employee is the fastest way to kill a customer’s vibe.

That’s why the customer doesn’t come first. The employee does.

If you hire and invest in employees who are passionate and dedicated to what they do, or at least willing to put forth a great effort, good customer experiences will always follow. The customers will enjoy a great experience, and they’ll come back.

It isn’t just a fun platitude. There are fiscal returns on employee engagement.

Organizations that have over 50% employee engagement rates retain over 80% of their customers, according to a recent study from Demand Metric.

A Cvent survey found that customer retention increases by 18% on average when employees are highly engaged.

According to an LRN report: Organizations in which employees are primarily motivated by shared values and a commitment to a mission and purpose are nine times more likely to have high customer satisfaction.


At Clarity Voice we take pride in our exceptional employee engagement. In fact, because of our dedication to our company’s Code Of Values, we are highly selective about who we hire, rigorous about our technical training and generous in our reward and recognition programs

In return, our employees have not only rated us 4 times over as a great place to work, but their dedication to quality service has also made us one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

Today FranchisePhones by Clarity is the most referred phone service company in franchising and we have our employees to thank first for that.

Using our own tools to monitor and coach performance has also been a key factor in our success. Phone features such as:

Listen In Mode – Monitor calls in real-time without making your caller nervous by giving off clues that there is a third person on the line. Ease employees because you’re not leaning over their shoulder trying to listen.

* Hear both sides of the conversation first hand.
* Deliver immediate coaching after the call.

Whisper Mode – Softly relay information to your employee without the caller hearing you. Allows you to assist an employee on what to say, like details on the service or give them insight into topics you know the caller cares about.

Join Mode -Allows you to quickly join the conversation if you or your employee think the situation merits your immediate assistance. Whether dealing with a difficult customer or quickly answering a complex question for a prospective customer. Join offers you quick access to save or secure the sale.

Call Recording -Recorded calls allow you to accurately understand the conversation(s) that have taken place when you’re not available to listen live. You can download calls and then share in one-on-one coaching or team training sessions.

You work hard to help your employees learn what they need to be effective. You invest a great deal of time and effort in training them how best to answer customer questions, unique sales techniques that work in your business and best practices for properly communicating the value of your products and services. However, not everyone learns at the same speed or retains the same amount of information they were given during training.

Clarity’s Performance Monitoring Tools can help ensure your employees maximize learning effectiveness! Use Call Monitoring and Call Recording features to help fine-tune your franchise training. With Clarity Voice, we’ll help you make your training and development efforts result in exceptional customer service experiences and a point of pride for your business!

New employees want to succeed and existing employees like to be recognized for the quality service they provide. Adding Clarity’s performance monitoring tools such as Call Recording, Listen In, Whisper, or Join helps you hear both sides of your customer conversations in real-time or afterward.

Every customer contact is a potential sales opportunity, a marketing opportunity, and an opportunity to strengthen a customer’s faithfulness to your business. It’s also an educational opportunity for your team to be praised for properly handling calls or, to be coached to improve their techniques and interactions with customers and prospects. Learn more about Clarity’s unique ability to help you monitor and motivate employees while you multiply your company’s profitability.

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