Top 4 Tools for Managers to Monitor Customer Interactions

1. Listen-in Mode

Live monitoring of calls in real-time while you silently listen-in. Reduce stress for employees because you’re not leaning over their shoulder trying to listen.

*Hear both sides of the conversation first hand.
*Deliver immediate coaching after the call.

2. Whisper Mode

Softly relay information to your employee without the caller hearing you. Allows you to assist an employee on what to say, like details on the service or give them insight into topics you know the caller cares about.

3. Join Mode

Allows you to quickly join the conversation if you or your employee think the situation merits your immediate assistance. Whether dealing with a difficult customer or quickly answering a complex question for a prospective customer. Join offers you quick access to save or secure the sale.

4. Call Recording

Recorded calls allow you to accurately understand the conversation(s) that have taken place when you’re not available to listen live. You can download calls and then share in one-on-one coaching or team training sessions.

Customer service expectations are rising.

Today’s customers expect more than just an answer to their questions. They want real-time, personalized support delivered by a skilled employee. As a result of this change, businesses are investing more time, money and effort into developing of employee training and development programs, so that their employees will be prepared to meet the increasing expectations of their customers.

Providing your employees with great coaching is an important step in providing your customers with superior customer support.

Coaching employees is an essential managerial task that is crucial to cultivating effective teams. Optimizing your company’s coaching efforts requires dedicated managerial support, consistency, and the right knowledge.

The first step to optimization is to learn more about your options. Schedule your free demo, today.

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