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Clarity Voice® offers rental options for all equipment in the Polycom product line!

Benefits You’ll Gain

Tailored to Fit ANY Budget

Easily predict costs and precisely manage total cost of ownership. Deploy only the devices that are needed and to shift device purchases from a capital expenditure to an operating expense.

Keep Devices Current and Secure

Avoid vulnerabilities by consistently providing current, in-demand devices with regular refreshes – monitored, secured, and software-compliant at all times.

Enhance Device Acquisition

Give users innovative technology, built-in security, and a regular refresh cycle. Plus, discover a new model for acquiring technology that improves cash flow and help you achieve predicatable ownership costs.

Talented and Trusted

Leverage Clarity’s expertise and technical know-how – so you can focus on bringing greater hands-on leadership and strategic vision to your business.

Manage Volatility

Keep devices and services consistent across all departments and locations to help things run smoothly for all employees and effectively deal with the constant change in your growing business.

End-of-Life Safe

Get ahead of fast-changing technology and workforce needs with a solution that handles turnover securely, as well as plans for your technology’s end-of-life.

Financial Intelligence

Know your costs and manage total cost of ownership with contractual precision.

Delight your end users and transform your workplace with productive, secure, always-ready devices. Monitor devices with Clarity’s online portal and optimize network performance and productivity.

How it Works:

Discover and Design

Clarity will gain an understanding of your current state and objectives and design a solution that fits the needs of your buisness and its users.


Save time and increase productivity with services that include virtual implementation, labeling and tagging devices, and tailoring factory settings to support your unique way of doing business.


Clarity’s trained technical team manages everything from delivery logistics to implementation setup and user training.

Dispose and Refresh

At the end of a devices lifecycle, Clarity will refresh with the latest technology products, recycling old devices so you don’t need to deal with disposal.


You’ll receive instant updates and ongoing feature enhancements throughout the lifecycle of your system. Ensuring your software is always current and secure.


Clarity’s User Experience Consultants recommend ways to modify and optimize your system to turn your system into a competitive advantage.

Subscription Options:

Model NumberVVX 301VVX 311VVX 411
Voice Calls6612
Model NumberVVX 501VVX 601VVX D60
Voice Calls1216N/A

One Subscription. No Capital Costs. Superior Support.

Learn if Clarity’s Device as a Service  perpetual lease program is right  for your business.

All phones in the Polycom lease program come with High Definition Audio and Advanced Noise Cancelation.

Request a complementary consultation today!

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