Call Tracking & Recording

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Call Tracking

When someone calls your business, do you know how they learned about you?

Was it your television commercial?

Your Google Adwords?

Your skywriting campaign?

If you don’t know which of your marketing efforts was successful, how can you spend your marketing dollars wisely?

That’s where call tracking comes in.

Call tracking gives you the ability to assign different phone numbers to each of your marketing efforts.

  • Use one phone number on your web site.
  • Another for your radio campaign.
  • A third for that direct mail piece.

When someone phones you, our call tracking software can tell you exactly which number they used and therefore which of your ad campaigns was successful.

When you know what marketing initiatives work best for you , you can make educated decisions about where to spend your marketing dollars.

In other words, call tracking is one of the ways that we can help your cash register ring every time the phone rings.

It’s one thing to gather the data. It’s another to understand it.

At Clarity, we take the insights you gather from Call Tracking and call Monitoring and turn it into data you can use.

Custom Call Reports and Analytics
Gain an immediate competitive advantage. Reports highlight opportunities to enhance business performance. Use data to help drive your decisions. Reports include answer times, hold times, missed calls, abandoned calls, # rings before an answer, # transfers to answering service, # by marketing tactic used and more!

Emailed Reports
Receive a daily snapshot of calls from agent stats to call queues from the day before and quickly respond to changing customer calling trends.

With automated Email Reporting you can schedule select businesses call reports to be delivered right to your inbox. Additionally, you can also ensure other key members of your team receive daily reports with instant links to more details via Clarity’s analytics dashboard.

Call Monitoring & Recording

Call Recording*

Automatically record inbound & outbound phone calls. Recordings continue even when transferred to out of office numbers.

We record all your calls, not just selected lines. Understand the conversations that have taken place, when promises are made, or you’re not available to listen-in live.

Call Monitoring services –

In addition to call recording, we offer a suite of tools meant to let you join, coach, or just listen in to your employees sales or support calls.

Call Coaching

Monitor calls in real-time with features like: Listen-in, Whisper or Join to deliver immediate coaching during or immediately after calls.

Call Join

Record all of your calls or just selected lines. Listen in to a live call and whisper suggestions. There is no better coaching tool than Live Call Monitoring

Listen In

Record all of your calls or just selected lines. Listen in to a live call and whisper suggestions. There is no better coaching tool than Live Call Monitoring.

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