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What is a PBX?

For decades, business phone systems were defined by the PBX (private branch exchange). These expensive and complicated phone systems provide automated greetings and touchtone menus, but are priced beyond the reach of many small and medium businesses and are costly to maintain.

What is a hosted PBX? And is it the same as a cloud PBX, virtual PBX, or cloud VoIP?

A hosted PBX is basically a PBX that runs on computer servers in the cloud. By eliminating the need for complex hardware such as trucks and switches onsite, hosted PBX delivers all the power of a traditional PBX at a much lower overall cost. And, yes, a hosted PBX is the same as a cloud PBX, a virtual PBX and cloud VoIP (which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol).

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The advantages of using a hosted PBX

Lower Overall Costs

Save money by:

  • Eliminating on-location hardware
  • Avoiding hardware maintenance
  • Updating & upgrading software free
  • Removing the need for a dedicated IT staff

Disaster Recovery

No power? No Internet? No problem. With Clarity, your phone system should keep working no matter what.

Use Mobile Phones

With a virtual PBX, mobile devices have all the functionality of your desk phone. Employees can make calls retrieve messages, transfer calls to different extensions and more all from wherever they happen to be using their personal mobile phone or one provided by the company.

Easily scale up and down with the needs of your business

Adding or removing phone numbers, phone lines, and extensions is as easy as clicking a mouse. You never worry about getting stuck with hardware you don’t need or with a virtual PBX phone system from Clarity.

Control your entire phone system right from your computer or call us and we’ll do it for you

Clarity’s desktop application gives you the ability to customize every aspect of your phone system using your computer. Forward lines, retrieve voice mails, receive and send faxes. Or simply call our US-based user experience team and we’ll support any changes you’d like made.