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How our call center software works

Our software supports a traditional call center where all the agents are in one location, or a virtual one where your representatives can be pretty much anywhere in the world. All they need is a phone, an internet connection and a web processor to become part of your virtual customer support, technical support, or sales team.

The benefits of home-based agents

Home-based agents are call center employees who have been empowered to work out of their home by our virtual call center software. These employees often love their status as home-based agents, because it gives them more flexibility than a typical call center set up. There’s no dress code. No distracting burble of coworkers
conversing. And no commute. You’ll love home-based agents, because virtual call centers often eliminate the cost of office space, lower equipment costs (employees supply their own equipment) and substantially reduce employee turnover rates.

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Call Hold Queues

All calls are will be handled by the next available employee. While waiting, callers can listen to unique messages based on whether they’re a new lead, returning customer, valued vendor or prospective employee. Or, they can leave their phone number as a Queue Callback while holding their place in line.

Automated Call Distribution

Route incoming calls to the right person to address a caller’s needs. You can also use rule-based instructions such as caller ID, automatic number identification, interactive voice response or dialed number identification services to determine how calls are handled.

Advanced Call Routing

Incoming callers are automatically routed to the most appropriate agent by expertise, geography, and more.

Supervisor Mode

Supervisors can join or listen in to any call in progress. They can even offer coaching using our Whisper feature. You can also record all of your completed calls, or just selected lines, and then download calls to review with employees in one-on-one coaching or team training sessions.

Agent Performance reports

Receive a daily snapshot of calls from agent stats to call queues from the day before and quickly respond to changing customer calling trends.

Our virtual call center integrates with these CRMs and services

By connecting your computer and Clarity’s telephony data callers information is brought up right away through automated screen pop-ups. Their issues and concerns are immediately updated in your primary customer record and you can quickly keep notes about conversations, deals and agreements that ensure the continuity of service.

Available Office Systems Integrations include:

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