The competition for moving and freight logistics services is fierce.

  • Sales & Marketing – attracting new customers remains a top challenge.
  • Commoditization of Services – Competition and price shopping continues to test companies
  • Staff Turnover – it can feel like there’s a revolving door of talent and seasonal staffing needs
  • Leveraging New Technology – new tools deliver increased business insights and provide you the opportunity to differentiate yourself. It’s precisely because the majority of the industry sees their phone as a basic commodity that Clarity can give you a competitive edge when you maximize our call handling capabilities.

Five Ways Switching to Clarity Voice
Will Gain You More Revenue – Guaranteed!

  1. Stop missing calls
    Every call you miss could be a missed sale. With Clarity…

    • Unlimited phone lines mean your customers will never hear a busy signal
    • Promotional messaging options can instantly accelerate average tickets by +20%.
    • Know what marketing is making your phone ring and where you’re wasting money
    • You’ll get calls even if your office internet or power goes out
    • Missed Call Notification – instantly call back callers who choose not to leave a message
    • Voicemail to Email or Text Messaging offers either instant message playback or message transcription for when large office orders come in after store hours.
  2. Start selling to a captive audience
    If you’re not using your phone system to sell products and services to everyone who calls, you’re not just missing a sale…you’re missing the boat

    • In-Ring Messaging lets you play a recorded offer to callers even before you tell them to press 1.
    • On-Hold Messaging ensures you’re using your hold time to upsell customers on active promotions or inform them of your unique benefits.
    • Studies show that 33% of callers hang up when put on hold. Playing a fun or informative sales message while they wait will keep them engaged and prep them to buy.
  3. Improve your customer service
    With Clarity Voice, you’ll get the tools you need to monitor your staff’s interactions with customers and help them do a better job of servicing and selling.

    • Monitoring and training tools – hear firsthand how calls are handled and jump-in to save sales and train new employees with listen-in, whisper, and join functions.
    • Call Recording – selectively record parts of calls or continually record even when calls are transferred to answering services or between mobile devices. Ensure certainty when order mistakes happen.
    • Mobility matters – your staff can’t be chained to a desk. Quickly transfer callers to mobile phones or use headsets or cordless phones to carry on conversations wherever you roam.
  4. Use a phone designed for movers like you
    Who better to help you make more sales than a phone company that specializes in supporting local, regional, national and multi-unit moving and logistics companies? Clarity Voice is the parent company to FranchisePhones®, the best in breed VOIP service provider dedicated helping businesses grow.

  5. Take advantage of our expertise in your industry
    The best phone setup for a sandwich shop is significantly different than the perfect phone solution for a freight company. Our experience serving hundreds of franchisors, franchisees, and independent business, has taught us everything we need to know about the best way to configure a phone system to help you make more sales in your specific industry.

We’re not here to sell you, we’re here to help you

We could go on all day, but we’re less interested in selling you on us than we are in helping you make more sales yourself.

Let’s take the next step and have us give you a quote. There’s no obligation. We won’t pester you to close the deal. We just want the opportunity to show you how we can help you make more money just by upgrading your phone system into a competitive advantage.

Here are some of the features our dealership clients value most.

Never a busy signal

Customer demand is hard to predict, but missing sales opportunities is not an option. Clarity gives you unlimited lines to ensure callers never get a busy signal. While Call queuing ensures all inquiries are answered in the order received. Improve office efficiency and customize on -hold message based on caller type: new lead, active customer, returning customer or prospective employee etc.

Hard to Beat Call Handling

Never miss a call with missed call notification. You’ll never need to give out your personal phone number again with direct dial numbers. Using Auto Attendants callers instantly hear a voice menu prompting them to identify the reason for their call for faster service. (EG: press 1 for … press for… ) Customize routing by caller type (such as current movers vs drivers or commonly asked questions). Route calls anytime and anyway you wish whether you’re on the road, at your home office or anywhere in between.

Coaching Tools

The first step to improving your customer relations is understanding where they stand. Monitor calls in real-time with features like: Listen-in, Whisper or Join to deliver immediate coaching during or immediately after calls. Ensure your service is the very best. Quickly step-in, solve issues and train employees to better handle customer inquiries and issues.

Mobility Matters

When you’re company is always on the move, you can’t be chained to a desk. With Clarity Office Anywhere your staff can simply swap the call! You can easily and seamlessly transfer calls between desk phones and mobile devices and back again. Your caller doesn’t even notice the transition and if you’re using call recording, you’ll capture the whole conversation start to end.

Missed Call Notification & Text Messaging

Even if a caller does not leave a message, a SMS text message or email notification can be sent to managers with a phone number that they can call back. Actively reaching missed callers increases revenue 20% when an owner promptly returns missed calls. Text customers updates and appointment reminders or keep staff informed using your business number.

Time-of-day/day-of-week routing & promotional messaging

In Ring Messaging Drives Upsells.  Increase your average orders by promoting additional services and seasonal specials before you even answer the phone. Add longer educational or promotional messages while they wait for service.

Intuitive Analytics

Easy to use, real-time, scheduled and custom reporting. Gain an immediate competitive advantage by increasing lead-to-conversion rates. With our system you will know how well your team is doing – from staffing to answering the phones and managing your marketing budget. Clarity’s dashboard offers insight into answer times, hold times, missed calls, abandoned calls, how many rings before an answer, how many calls go to the answering service etc.

Call recording

Listen to random calls for quality assurance or find a customer’s call if they complain about staff or an incorrect order information. Some customers even choose to use this feature as a ‘recorded commitment’ saving time in the shipment process to get orders going.


Logistics companies love our click to call and screen pops. Need to integrate with your current office systems, no problem. We have a number of options to offer you.

Watchdog® Services

Managed network services can provide real time monitoring of your Internet service, calling in tickets to your Internet provider if there is trouble.

Virtual or Onsite Installation available.

Installing your new phone systems yourself is as easy as plugging in a few cords. But if you want more help, we’ll be happy to recommend a company to install it for you.

Seeing is believing

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