Decision-makers in law offices know the industry is undergoing a wide range of dramatic changes – and the effects of those changes are hitting all at once to produce a whole new set of major business challenges.

  • Business Development – attracting and developing new business remains a top challenge.
  • Commoditization of Services – clients are going on line to get cheep help and when they call a local lawyer they’re expecting stellar service – and more to the point, they’re expecting to have their problems solved. So, what sets your firm apart from competitors offering similar solutions and stellar service?
  • Staff Turnover – with boomers retiring in record numbers, this is a trend we’ve been tracking for some time, and the race for talent is only continuing to heat up.
  • Leveraging New Technology – new tools offer new insights and gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself. It’s precisely because the field as a whole is struggling with technology that using it successfully can be so effective.

Top Three Reasons Legal Services
Businesses Use Clarity

  1. Stop missing calls
    Every call you miss could be a missed sale. With Clarity…

    • Unlimited phone lines mean your customers will never hear a busy signal
    • You’ll get calls even if your office internet or power goes out
    • Missed Call Notification – instantly call back callers who choose not to leave a message
    • Clarity Office Anywhere mobile app and online user portal provide powerful tools to work from wherever business takes you.
  2. Start selling to a captive audience
    If you’re not using your phone system to sell products and services to everyone who calls, you’re not just missing a sale…you’re missing the boat.

    • In-Ring Messaging lets you play a recorded messages to callers even before you tell them to press 1.
    • On-Hold Messaging ensures you’re using caller wait time to upsell customers on active promotions or inform them of your unique benefits.
    • Studies show that 33% of callers hang up when put on hold. Playing a fun or informative sales message while they wait will keep them engaged and prompt them to learn more.
  3. Improve your customer service
    With phone service from Clarity, you’ll get the tools you need to monitor your staff’s interactions with customers and help them do a better job of servicing and selling.

    • We provide a variety of tools for recording and monitoring conversations between your customers and your employees. The first step to improving your customer relations is understanding where they stand.
    • Call Recording – selectively record parts of calls or continually record even when calls are transferred to answering services or between mobile devices.
    • Voicemail to Email or Text Messaging offers either instant message playback or message transcription

Additional Features You’ll Find Interesting

Call Monitoring

Billable hours are never a question with Clarity Voice call monitoring. We provide a variety of tools to track your time. Call tracking begins the minute a call is answered and continues even if a caller is transferred between office extensions, to remote offices or to mobile devices.

Coaching Tools

The first step to improving your customer relations is understanding where they stand. Monitor calls in real-time with features like: Listen-in, Whisper or Join to deliver immediate coaching during or immediately after calls. Ensure your service is the very best. Quickly step-in, solve issues and train employees to better handle customer inquiries and issues.

Mobility Matters

Ever been stuck on a call and need to leave for an appointment? Swap the call! You can easily and seamlessly transfer your calls between desk phone and mobile devices and back again. Your caller doesn’t even notice the transition.

Text Messaging & Internal Chat

Never give out your personal mobile number again. Text customers updates using your business number. Increase internal collaboration with portal chat.

Auto Attendant

Callers hear a voice menu prompting them to identify the reason for their call for faster service. (EG: press 1 for … press for… ) Customize routing by caller type (such as sales leads vs. existing customers, employees vs. valued vendors or commonly asked questions such as business hours or driving directions.) Add unique on-hold music or messaging by caller type to further educate callers about new products/services and/or awareness of monthly advertised specials.

Call Queues

Caller will never hear a busy signal again. Call queuing ensures all inquiries are answered in the order received. Improve office efficiency and customize on -hold message based on caller type: new lead, active customer, returning customer or prospective employee etc.

Call Forwarding

Never miss a call. Redirect callers to another extension, your mobile phone, home office or anywhere you wish. Receive important calls wherever business takes you. Route customer to your mobile phone and seamlessly transfer calls back to your office again.

Intuitive Analytics

Visually compelling business intelligence at a glance. Easy to use, real-time, scheduled and custom reporting. Gain an immediate competitive advantage by increasing lead-to-conversion rates. Instant access to call volume, hold times, missed calls and more.

HD Voice with Acoustic Fencing

Keeps customer conversations free from extraneous noises and distractions by dramatically improving the most important component of your call – voice clarity. No longer will customers struggle hearing in noisy environments or overhear office chatter.

Know Your Marketing ROI

Assign unique phone numbers based on marketing tactic then monitor how calls are handled. Clarity’s dashboard offers insight into answer times, hold times, missed calls, abandoned calls, how many rings before an answer, how many calls go to the answering service etc.

Call Recording:

When information needs to be shared, call recording can be helpful. Record every conversation or only select moments to help share information with colleagues.

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