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In home healthcare (and related medical services), a reliable business phone system is a crucial tool to help caregivers stay connected with other clinicians, clients, and their families.

With our robust VoIP phone system you can increase staff productivity, improve the quality of patient care, and save money due to the low overhead costs of our hosted services.

Our cloud-based communication platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to boost the productivity of your team and ensure your time is keep patient centric. Cloud based solutions let you answer calls and take care of business at your pace – on the road or while providing care in homes.

Clarity Voice provides a highly secure infrastructure and comprehensive solution that allows HIPAA-regulated customers to use our communication solutions from many devices while saying compliant. With business operations and patient interactions becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices, healthcare organizations need to support responsive communications that improves patient care and satisfaction.

Three ways switching to Clarity is your
prescription for success!

  1. Improve Patient Experiences with Advanced Call Handling

    • Unlimited phone lines mean your patients will never hear a busy signal.
    • You can get calls even if your office internet or power goes out.
    • Messaging options ensure calls are instantly routed to responsible departments.
    • Voicemail to Email or Text Messaging offers instant message playback or message transcription.
  2. Accelerate Training To Ensure Quality Care Delivery
    If you’re not using your phone system to ensure everyone who calls is cared for, you’re not just missing an opportunity… you’re missing the boat.

    • Tools you need to monitor your staff’s interactions with customers and help them do a better job.
    • Train new employees with listen-in, whisper, and join functions.
    • Call Recording – selectively record parts of calls or continually record even when calls are transferred to answering services or between mobile devices.
  3. Designed for Busy Healthcare Professionals Like You
    With Clarity, communicate and share information quickly, securely, and easily.

    • Keep patients, staff, and colleagues happy while you save time and money.
    • Clarity Office Anywhere – mobile apps for iOS and Android ensure you never give you’re your personal phone number.
    • SMS text messaging for quicker collaboration.
    • Voicemail to email or SMS transcribes messages and instantly alerts you
    • Our cloud-based communication platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to boost the productivity of your team and ensure your time is keep patient-centric.

In today’s competitive marketplace you need a communication partner that can adapt to your needs, not simply sell you a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll work to find the right communication solutions to fit your business and budget, not just sell you a cookie-cutter package because it’s easier or more profitable for us.

We’re not here to sell you, we’re here to help you

We could go on all day, but we’re less interested in selling you on us than we are in helping you make the most of your patient care while reducing operational cost.

Let’s take the next step and have us give you a quote. There’s no obligation. We won’t pester you to close the deal. We just want the opportunity to show you how we can help you by upgrading your phone system.

Most Used Features Include:

Security and HIPAA compliance

From day-to-day business operations to interactions with patients and insurers, healthcare organizations must ensure that their communications support their HIPAA requirements.

Clarity offers a highly secure infrastructure and comprehensive solution that allows HIPAA-regulated customers to use the our service without impacting their HIPAA compliance.

Enhanced collaboration

Many healthcare professionals want to communicate and share information quickly, securely, and easily. For example,

  • Practitioners and care givers must collaborate, often urgently, with each other.
  • With round-the-clock care and staff in multiple locations, moving between homes and clinics, collaboration is increasingly important.

Clarity’s platform allows staff to join conference calls and collaborate at a moment’s notice. Internally teams can use SMS text or Portal Chat functionality to quickly communicate. And with the growing importance of mobility in clinical and home care settings including home care, healthcare organizations appreciate the way the Clarity Office Anywhere mobile app supports collaboration on mobile devices.

Quick Communication Options: SMS texting

SMS text messaging and notifications keeps therapists, home health nurses, office staff, families and patients informed and updated. The shortened response times provided by SMS texting allows healthcare and in-home service providers to accelerate communication. Office teams can text colleagues using a main business number. Recipients can reply never needing to know personal mobile numbers of changing care givers and shift schedules. With patients and families increasingly using mobile devices, SMS texting provides an effective way send appointment reminders and request confirmations too.

Voicemail to email

Clarity can send voicemail messages as attachments to email notifications or text messages. This feature allows busy healthcare providers to quickly listen or read transcribed voicemails and act immediately for urgent issues and respond via SMS or email if necessary. Using a single business number staff can manage your voice and SMS text messages through our online portal for multiple clinicians. Additionally, the Clarity Office Anywhere mobile app allows staff to protect the privacy of their personal cell phone number by returning urgent patient calls from a smartphone or tablet using a business number.

Auto Attendants

Callers hear a voice menu prompting them to identify the reason for their call for faster service. (EG: press 1 for … press for… ) Customize routing by caller type (such as care schedule changes, billing questions, insurance providers, general appointments, etc.) Add unique on-hold music or messaging by caller type to further educate callers.

Call Forwarding

Never miss a call. Redirect callers to another extension, your mobile phone, home office or anywhere you wish. Receive important calls wherever business takes you. Route customers to your mobile phone and seamlessly transfer calls back to your office again.

Call Queuing

Caller will never hear a busy signal again. Call queuing ensures all inquiries are answered in the order received. Improve office efficiency by customizing your on-hold message based on caller type: new lead, active customer, returning customer or prospective employee etc.

Paging: Overhead paging, desk phone–to–desk phone intercom

Enables staff to quickly notify colleagues in any location—even across multiple clinics, offices, hospital floors or wards—in real-time—over phones, overhead announcements, or SMS broadcast texts. Administrators without technical expertise can easily create, add, or modify paging groups anywhere from any device.

Seeing is believing

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