To get your franchisees on the same page, start by getting them on the same phone system.

With FranchisePhones from Clarity Voice you get more than a phone system, you get:

Brand consistency – Whether your team members are near or far, your customers will enjoy a seamless, uniform communications experience that helps to build your brand’s credibility and service satisfaction.

Market insights – Our integrated data analysis and reporting system alerts you to trends affecting the metrics that matter. Monitor your call times, call volume, and productivity to keep your costs low and your customers happy. Click here to learn more about our Charts and Reporting tools.

Certified Support – In addition to our technically certified native English speaking support agents, we provide ongoing training for your home office and franchise teams, plus system wide telecommunications training, optimization and management.

Less confusion, more communication – When all of your franchisees share the same hosted communications platform, you spend less time getting everyone on the same page and more time sharing the ideas and information that keep your business growing.

Increase your Unit Profitability with our 360° Call Insights Dashboard

When your franchisees use FranchisePhones®, our 360° Call Insights Dashboard software will help them, and you, create more sales.

Know what’s driving leads: see and compare the performance of each marketing number in each medium used.

Know what’s working: Pinpoint in real time the best performing units and those that need coaching.

Know the brand experience: Use recorded calls and realtime tools to listen to the experience customers are receiving at any location.

Just a few of our franchise customers

We’re an active member of the International Franchise Association. In fact, they’re one of our customers

As a member of the IFA, we’re in touch with the trends and developments that keep our technology at the leading edge of the industry. We’re FranGuard® compliant. And, even better, we’re honored that the IFA trusts FranchisePhones by Clarity with their own communications solutions.

As the franchisor, you’re the one that should make the call

A shared communications platform is one of the factors that gives a brand it’s consistency. To start the process of getting all your franchisees on the same page when it comes to their phones.

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