The high touch of a local provider with the stability of a national company

At Clarity, we’ve grown to be a national force in cloud communications by always treating our clients as if they’re located right next door.

Our custom software and reliable network will give you the Enterprise-level, HD-quality cloud communication services you expect.

And our highly-trained, native English speaking customer service professionals will always give you the personalized attention you deserve.

Features that can help you make more sales

Messages on Hold

Studies show 33% of callers hang up when put on hold. Playing a fun or informative sales message while they wait will keep them engaged and prep them to buy.

Missed Call Notifications

Never worry about missing a sales opportunity with notifications for missed calls and new voicemails sent to you by email, text (SMS) or both.

Easy Call Transferring to and From Mobile Phones

Office callers can be quickly transferred to mobile phones, or secondary home office locations. Likewise, you can seamlessly transfer callers back to your office again even from mobile phones.

SMART Routing

Automatically and intelligently transfer callers to a live person wherever they roam (in the office or to a mobile phone).

Virtual Personal Assistant

Return customer calls from your home or cell phone, but have your office phone number appear on their caller ID. The convenience of using your cell phone without the inconvenience of customers calling you on it.

Live Call Monitoring

Record all of your calls or just selected lines. Listen-In to a live call and whisper suggestions. There is no better training tool than Live Call Monitoring.

Buddy/Call Presence

Quickly see if employees are on the phone. This is a great feature if you are in a different part of the office or have remote employees.

Analytics: Charts & Reports to improve your business

One of the great advantages of a VoIP phone system is all the data it generates about your business. Clarity’s VoIP system automatically creates a series of informative reports that can help you determine:

Lead Source instantly know how customers found you and how well your marketing is paying off.

Staffing Decisions know how many people to schedule, and when customers want to talk to you, at a glance.

Call Recording coaching tool to boost your customer facing employees performance.

Email Reporting

With automated Email Reporting you can schedule select business call reports to be delivered right to your inbox. Additionally, you can also ensure other key members of your team receive daily reports with instant links to more details via Clarity’s analytics dashboard.

Update to the latest phone technologies with NO capital costs.

With Clarity’s Device as a Service (DaaS) approach, you can lease your phones as part of your contract.

You never have to worry about depreciation or obsolescence. PLUS, you can upgrade your equipment as your needs change.

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In plain English, we have one of the best technical support and customer service staffs in the business.

From the start, you’ll be working with an Account Manager dedicated to your business.

More than a salesperson, your Account Manger is a real professional who understands your industry.

In addition, from on-boarding to upgrading, our Michigan-based technical support staff will always provide you with clear and effective instructions and solutions in plain English.

Our simple to use Dashboard software can replace an entire IT department

Our sophisticated, but simple Dashboard software let’s you control your entire phone system, and nearly all its functions, without ever having to make a call to us or to the your IT person down the hall.

You really have to see how easy our system works for you.

Contact Centers that are in contact with the rest of your business

When it comes to call centers, don’t isolate. Integrate.

With virtual call centers from Clarity, everyone in your company is available to answer questions, resolve issues, or help make a sale with the click of a mouse.

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CRM integrations

By connecting your computer and Clarity’s telephony data, caller’s information is brought up right away through automated screen pop-ups.

Their issues and concerns are immediately updated in your primary customer record and you can quickly keep notes about conversations, deals and agreements that ensure the continuity of service.

Click here for a full list of available integrations.

Reliable fax over IP

Faxes might seem like a blast from the past, but it’s still a vital tool for many businesses.

With internet fax services from Clarity, all your employees can send faxes to and receive faxes from their computers.

Advantages of internet faxing include:

  • No dedicated fax phone line
  • No busy signals with incoming or outgoing faxes
  • Receive faxes to your email or fax machine for easy filing
  • Save a fortune on fax paper and ink cartridges

The first step to making more sales with your phone
is to use your phone to call us.

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