Phone & Fax Numbers

Phone & Fax Numbers2019-07-11T22:47:17-04:00

Keep your phone numbers, get new phone numbers, or add phone numbers

When you switch to Clarity’s VoIP phone service, all your current phone numbers come with you. Customers will never even know you’ve changed.

Want to add numbers? Local telephone number coverage encompasses just about every city in the United States and Canada. For new locations, we quickly issue new numbers to help get your business started.

The facts about internet Fax

With internet fax services from Clarity, you can send faxes to and receive faxes from your computer.

Some of the advantages of internet faxing include:

  • No dedicated fax phone line
  • No busy signals on incoming or outgoing faxes
  • Receive faxes to your email or fax machine for easy filing
  • Save a fortune on fax paper and ink cartridges
  • And much more…

Ask not for whom the toll free number rings, it rings for thee

Toll Free numbers (800, 888, 877, 866, 855) for the United States and Canada offer FREE calling for your customer and the perception of national coverage. We quickly issue new toll free numbers or transfer your existing number to Clarity service. Custom Vanity numbers let customers know what business you’re in.

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