Are Your VoIP Calls Breaking Up?

Unified Communications solutions like Clarity Voice’s FranchisePhones® and DealerPhones® can enhance collaboration throughout your business ecosystem among employees, multiple locations and most importantly… your customers.  Today’s consumers are on-the-go and in a world of email and text messages, the way to differentiate your business is through personalized relationships developed using Clarity’s high definition voice and business text messaging.

The problem is, when your computer network gets congested. by employees using too many high-demand applications, VoIP quality tends to breaks down.   The result can lead to calls garbling, clipping conversations and even dropping if too many applications compete for your internet use. These all give prospects a poor impression of your business and ultimately leads to lost opportunities.

Within cloud communications, VoIP phone service often gets a bad reputation when in fact there are, a number of performance inhibitors including congested network conditions and improperly configured routers that contribute if not create these call quality issues. Businesses small and large often lack the capability to monitor or correct network performance in real-time to effectively troubleshoot and resolve quality of experience complaints.


Did you know 80% of Cloud Voice Quality issues are caused by Network Problems?

Solution: Guarantee VoIP Quality with No Dropped Calls!

Whichever internet service provider you use (Fiber, T1, ISP/Broadband, DSL, 4G LTE) Clarity’s Watchdog service ensures that company’s of any size can realize the full potential of their Cloud communication investments by ensuring that real-time network flows from applications delivering voice, video and high density data perform optimally. Watchdog works with Clarity’s phone service, any of your other Cloud applications and all VoIP phones.

Watchdog provides both a monitoring device and service. The full solution provides a differentiated quality of service (QoS) for Clarity customers that have higher demands. It combines path conditioning coupled with intelligent dynamic routing to autonomously ensure optimal VoIP, Video and Virtualized Desktop performance. By using advanced dynamic QoS technology which prioritizes voice above data applications, Watchdogguarantees your users call experience are high quality with no dropped calls.

Watchdogservice monitors and controls the quality of experience on all your hosted/cloud applications. In addition to, detects and responds to issues in near real-time, Watchdogbuilt-in VoIP diagnostics can zoom in on a single connection which is sub-par; whether it’s video or voice flow. Based on generated performance reports, SD-WAN device and monitoring service ensures appropriate sharing of resources based on what your business chooses as it’s priority applications.

In a nutshell, the Watchdogservice monitors and adjusts for all your internet-based applications, and the health of your on-site computer network. By subscribing to Watchdogservice we help you bridge the gap between your ISP/DSL/4GLTE providers, your business network and the applications you use to run your business. We automatically solve common network-related problems while offering recommendations and diagnostics tools.

Take control and ensure the quality of all your internet connected devices and software applications run the way they’re designed to.

Why Watchdog?

It’s Fast

  • Increase last mile access links by 10x – 50x at a +50% savings from traditional SD-WAN or SD-Internet!

It’s Agile

  • Support digital transformations, deploy branches in minutes, optimize user experiences and let Clarity correct in-real-time eliminating bandwidth bottlenecks

It’s Scalable

  • Scale from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps – as you grow, it can too
  • Maximize application performance at every business location and eliminate user annoyance from slow running computer applications or low-quality calling.

It’s Affordable

  • Satisfaction delivered at a +50% savings from traditional SD-WAN or SD-Internet!

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