Statistics reveal, your phone and your ability to help callers remain a key way to improve Dealership performance. 

  • Only 1 in 3 potential car buyers know the exact vehicle they want to purchase. Marketers can influence these undecided buyers by targeting them with the right digital ads at the right time (Source: Cox).
  • 61% of new and used vehicle shoppers contact the dealership by calling after a search. Due to the complex nature of automotive purchases, consumers typically prefer to speak to a live agent to get their questions answered once they’ve completed their online research (source: LSA).
  • 60% of consumers searching for vehicles on mobile would call the dealership from a call extension. Call extensions offer a frictionless link from the online to the call channel, and they’re proven to increase both ad performance and click-through rate (source: Google).
  • 57% of consumers call about vehicles from a search ad call extension to schedule an appointment. Similar percentages of consumers call about inventory, pricing, and/or business hours (source: Google).
  • Calls will influence $1 trillion in US consumer spending this year. In our mobile-first world, calls are often the most convenient way for customers to convert (source: BIA/Kelsey).
  • Phone calls convert to revenue 10-15x more than web leads. Calls are the most valuable conversions automotive marketers can drive. By tracking the calls driven by your automotive ads, you can measure your full ROI and optimize accordingly (Source: BIA/Kelsey).
  • Callers convert 30% faster than web leads. Calls provide a more immediate return on your automotive marketing investment (source: Forrester).
  • Caller retention rate is 28% higher than the web lead retention rate. Driving calls from automotive marketing campaigns is also more profitable in the long-term — callers are more loyal than web leads (source: Forrester).