5 Little-Known Methods to Make More Sales Using Nothing but Your Phone

Most cloud phone companies just want to sell you a phone. At Clarity Voice, we want to help you use your phone to make more sales. Everyone who works at Clarity is highly trained in both our technology and the customer behaviors that drive sales in your industry. And we use that knowledge to make sure you never miss a sales opportunity. People who call you are already primed to buy and with Clarity Voice you’ll never miss another call from another customer.

Clarity Voice is a telephone company who’s UCaaS systems are designed to free people
to work the way they want in today’s mobile, distributed and always-on work world.

Every Call is Important to Your Business

Every customer contact is a potential sales and marketing opportunity, and an opportunity to strengthen a customer’s loyalty to your business.

Number One

  • Unlimited phone lines mean your customers will never hear a busy signal.
  • No power? No problem. You’ll get calls even if your office internet or power goes out!
  • Ring your office and mobile devices simultaneously or sequentially – incoming calls basically follow you around!
  • Missed Call Notification – instantly call back callers who choose not to leave a message.
  • Voicemail to Email or Text Messaging offers either instant message playback or message transcription.

Number 2

If you’re not using your phone system to sell products and services to everyone who calls, you’re not just missing a sale…you’re missing the boat.

  • In-Ring Messaging lets you play a recorded offer to callers even before you tell them to press 1.
  • On-Hold Messaging ensures you’re using your hold time to up sell customers on active promotions or inform them of your unique benefits.
  • Studies show that 33% of callers hang up when put on hold. Playing a fun or informative sales message while they wait will keep them engaged and prep them to buy.

Number 3

With phone service from Clarity, you’ll get the tools you need to monitor your staff’s interactions with customers and help them do a better job of servicing and selling.

  • Monitoring and Training Tools – hear firsthand how calls are handled and jump-in to save sales and train new employees with Listen-In, Whisper and Join functions.
  • Call Recording – selectively record parts of calls or continually record even when calls are transferred to answering services or between mobile devices.

Number 4

Who better to help your business make more sales than a phone company that specializes in small to medium sized business in your industry? Clarity Voice is the only VoIP service provider designed to increase sales and improve customer service. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably researched all the benefits Clarity Voice has to offer and decided our system can help you work smarter not harder.

Number 5

The best phone setup for a plumber is significantly different than the perfect phone solution for a pizza place. Our experience serving hundreds of franchisors, franchisees, and independent business, has taught us everything we need to know about the best way to configure a phone system to help you make more sales in your specific industry.

We’re not here to sell you, we’re here to help you

We could go on all day, but we’re less interested in selling you on us than we are in helping you make the most of your customer interactions while reducing operational cost.

Let’s take the next step and have us give you a quote. There’s no obligation. We won’t pester you to close the deal. We just want the opportunity to show you how we can help you by upgrading your phone system.