Today’s customers expect business to effectively resolve their issues with speed and accuracy.

Using a checklist to monitor conversations can help improve first call resolution within your business, keep your customers happy, and give your customers the service and support they demand.

At Clarity Voice first caller resolution is an essential indicator of our businesses health and we believe it’s one of the contributing factors that make us the Most Referred Phone System in Franchising.

Once you have run an analysis to determine current call conditions, you should implement policies to build toward the service delivery you desire.

Whether helping new hires or conducting quarterly reviews of rock stars on your team, you can use the following template to guide you in developing your own Call Quality scorecards for your business.

We recommend you start with a short list of must have items for each stage of calls, review performance on a regular basis to encourage improvement and add new items as employee confidence and skills are built over time.

Download our Call Quality Checklist template: Evaluation Checklist

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