For home care franchisees, a phone call is the first interaction clients have with you. Make sure you never miss customer calls – or sales opportunities – with Clarity’s Auto Receptionist.

Included with all FranchisePhones® packages, Clarity’s Auto-Receptionist answers all of your incoming calls with a professional greeting, then automatically transfers callers to the appropriate department or extensions. Callers can dial a “choose from menu” to reach the correct department, person, or directly dial an extension if known. Auto-Receptionists let you manage calls more efficiently reducing the time it takes to respond to inquiries.

Benefits of Auto-Receptionist

Optimized Call Handling: Lets you set rules for call handling. Route calls to the appropriate department, extension, or voicemail inbox. Add a Call Queue to departments to further speed responsiveness.

24/7 Service: Provides information to callers around the clock. Quickly convey answers to common questions such as office hours, directions, service offerings, and MORE!

Customization: Use different customized messages for calls received during business hours, holidays, and non-business hours. Provide information and education as calls are routed to the right place, right away.

Greater Customer Satisfaction: Eliminates wait times by responding to ac caller immediately.

Features of Auto-Receptionist

Ease of Use: Make changes to your auto attendant settings from anywhere on any connected device through Clarity’s web-based communication portal.

Company Call Handling: Forward calls to any extension, multiple numbers simultaneously, outside lines, or directly to voicemail. The outside line can be anywhere business takes you AND connecting with Clarity’s Office Anywhere mobile app will ensure tracking, call recording and business texting too.

Call Routing: Route callers to the appropriate destination, specific employee, or department extension.

Customized Business Hours: Establish call routing rules for business hours, after hours, weekends, holiday’s or days with weather emergencies, and more; includes automated answering rules for evenings, weekends and holiday’s that revert automatically. Change the rules whenever you want by using Clarity’s communication portal or call us and we’ll do it for you.

Menu Options: Establish answering rules for the main company number, announcement-only options, and connection message selections.

Multi-Level Auto Attendant: Create an account-wide call routing to handle incoming calls for multiple office locations too.