Every business owner knows the importance of getting customers accurate and timely information. A missed call or message can mean a significant loss of revenue and possibly a lost client. Using Clarity’s auto attendant can help to speed customers to the best person in your business to address their inquiry – sales, service, technical support, hours of operations/directions, etc. Not missing a call is just one features of Clarity’s hosted PBX and VoIP technology platform.

Here are five ways an auto attendant can streamline your communications:

1. 24/7 Routing Calls Right – ANY TIME

Calls during non-business hours could result in lost business if not handled properly. Even a few minutes after closing time can make the difference. An auto attendant can allow various messages to be created for different times of day and route callers to different departments, mobile devices or answering services to ensure an accurate and timely response. For example, you may want a different message for the weekend than weekdays and another message for national holidays. This functionality can’t be delivered by a simple answering machine. With Clarity’s Auto Attendant, you can set the days and times of messages in advance and not have to re-record messages.

Having different messages for time of day or day of week can help ensure your callers are handled promptly and provided the information they need. Callers realize that you are conducting your business in a professional manner and expect this type of service. Callers who experience professional call handling feel more confident with buying from your business and understand that reliability and that customer satisfaction is important to you.

2. Accurate Routing of Calls

A major hassle for callers is having their calls routed to the wrong department or requiring callers going through an endless choice of options to finally reach the correct person to handle a query. A business that can eliminate this hassle will have an advantage in attracting and ultimately acquiring new business.

Auto attendants allow customers to control the routing of calls to ensure they reach the right destination. There is no communication misunderstanding from a hurried receptionist that results in being sent to the wrong area and having to start from the beginning wasting valuable time. When combined with departmental messaging – which can also change by time of day and day of week callers are quicker to get to their ultimate destination and more likely to be educated along the way. For example, if all sales agents are busy, callers can put themselves in the sales call queue and listen to educational information about current sales/specials. Callers will be then answered in the order of their call and get to appointment setting or sales staff faster. In traditional systems, a receptionist would transfer a caller, but if a salesperson was on a call they’d go into voicemail. With Clarity’s Auto Attendant we can ensure callers are handled the ideal way to maximize sales and service.

3. Efficiency

An auto attendant system can free your team to complete other tasks that need to be done. The full time position of a receptionist can be shared with other duties or focus more on your business visitors than spent answering and transferring callers. Efficiency is improved for both the caller getting to who they need and your front office team focusing on more business-critical concerns. Productivity increases with less frustration as employees can complete their tasks with minimal interruptions.

4. Reduced Wait Time

In most businesses, there is no way to avoid missing a call occasionally. When the caller requests a particular person that is not available, you may have to look for them while the caller is on hold.

Using an auto attendant a caller can use the dial by name directory to immediately route to the person they want to speak with and instantly leave a direct message for them or with Simultaneous Ring call handling feature they’d instantly reach the recipient at their desk or ring their mobile device. In this scenario, the caller was routed quicker and other team members didn’t get disturbed in directing calls, taking messages or having to track down colleagues.

5. Company Image

In today’s world, competition is tough. Presenting a professional persona even for a small business matters. Designing a method of fast and accurate call handing can go a long way to impress prospective customers. Auto Attendants help deliver on your intention to be professional and handle any situation appropriately.

Handling calls efficiently will not solve every problem in your business but will help to eliminate one major issue that plagues most companies and can result in lost business and revenue.

To explore how the auto attendant system can help your business, give us a call at 1.800.786.6160 or schedule a free demo today.