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Growing multi-location firm seeking a stable scalable
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Improving Customer Service and
Distributed Workforce Effectiveness


Jeff Glover & Associates is one of the largest Keller Williams teams in the state of Michigan, selling over 1,000 properties annually. Mr. Glover achieves award-winning results by investing in developing his team, their ongoing training, and in new technology and marketing techniques to improve the results for his clients. Glover has been featured on CNBC’s Power Lunch, as well as in frequent radio interviews where he shares his expertise and secrets to success.

Respected by his colleagues as a “Mastermind,” Glover possesses the ability to empower agents and create a collaborative, cooperative team that continually sets records in both customer service and sales. Continuously stressing the importance of building and maintaining client relationships, he provides associates with the market knowledge, technology and resources they need to effectively exceed their clients’ expectations. Frequently winning awards for exemplary service and yielding the highest satisfaction for agencies of their size and sophistication, a key element supporting Glovers’ strategy and success is their customized FranchisePhones® System by Clarity Voice. With multiple Keller Williams offices and over 50 associates, Jeff Glover & Associates recommends Clarity FranchisePhones® as the key to maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and communication to realtors everywhere.

Gain Stability. Improve Service. Stay Connected On-The-Go.

Jeff Glover & Associates are trend setters. When their office technology firm recommended they adopt a new VoIP phone system, they recommended a provider other than Clarity Voice. They believed the new VoIP phone system would help their growing team of Keller Williams agents stay connected and continue to provide better service.

However, after the system was installed, it turned out to be less flexible than originally believed. All callers were routed the same way and as a result, business calls were not getting answered in proper order or by the right person. Business opportunities were being lost. Customers were not experiencing exceptional service. Despite being new technology, the system couldn’t keep the growing team of Keller Williams agents connected when on-the-go and it did not provide a way to help them stay organized when coordinating buyer or seller issues.

The breaking point occurred when the system started distorting audio and dropping active calls. When trying to troubleshoot the ongoing issues, the tech firm would point to Glover’s high-speed internet provider, and they would point back at the tech firm. It was clear customers were being impacted and Glover would lose business if they didn’t fix their phone problem. The office manager was tasked with sourcing a system that was stable, could connect mobile devices, and provide reporting to help managers and associates alike keep on top of the many moving parts in the sales process. After speaking to multiple cloud phone VoIP service providers, Clarity Voice was selected.

Blame game: VoIP provider vs ISP

Distorted audio and drop calls

Customers routed to voicemail vs live answer

Customized Call Handling, Mobility and More

The FranchisePhones® service from Clarity Voice is uniquely designed to be customizable for each client. Clarity is partnered with +100 franchise brands and their FranchisePhones® system is both dynamic and robust to meet the many needs of Glover’s multiple office locations and growing team of Jeff Glover Sales Associates, Keller Williams agents.

Using Clarity’s system, Glover & Associates now ensure every call is promptly answered using customized auto attendants along with Clarity’s Office AnywhereTM mobile app (which connects desk and mobile phones). They use continual call recording to enhance their quality assurance. Using Clarity’s mobile app Keller Williams associates stay closely connected to all their callers. If they’re with a customer and choose to send a call to voicemail, Clarity’s system transcribes the message texting and emailing it to them. These transcribed messages are quick to review and easy to forward to support associates for fast follow-up. Continual call recording provides a record of each interaction even when forwarded to a mobile phone. If a client calls when an associate is driving, the associate can keep driving to their next appointment and later listen again to their conversations to ensure they capture all necessary follow-up items. Likewise, if a client reported promises were made or details about their sale were missed, managers could replay past calls to gain understanding of what transpired and improve operational processes.

Clarity’s system offers unlimited text messaging which supports communicating with customers using both text and images. The Clarity Office AnywhereTM mobile app mirrors the experience associates enjoy at their desks. When using the app to place calls their office number is displayed as the caller ID ensuring customers know it is a Glover associate who is trying to communicate with them. Voicemail transcription and texting are essential features to associates on-the-go.

Jeff Glover, Owner, Jeff Glover & Associates

“Staying connected to buyers, sellers and the many support vendors that are involved in selling property is critical for every realtor – big or small. Using Clarity’s FranchisePhones® system supports our commitment to provide exceptional service to our clients and keeps our operations running at optimum levels. I can tell you with confidence, our phone system is now a key component to our winning sales strategy. The system was tailored for our growing team of associates. If you’re thinking of improving your customer service or using technology to gain a competitive edge, I recommend you call Clarity Voice.“

Today Jeff Glover & Associates team leaders can effectively support their sales associates assuring no calls go unanswered, dropped or missed. Managers can review reports indicating total or individual callers by date or time and how many were live answered, how many left messages and of those how many were called back within 24-hours.

Real estate brokers/franchised real estate brands who act as the corporate office for independent agents/associates; Clarity offers a unique Own-The-Number program whereby business numbers can be bulk ordered and assigned to independent agents and revert to the corporate office should the relationship with the associate be terminated for any reason. If an associate leaves, their business remains with the office that helped build and market that business.

Continual Call Recording ensures ‘best in class’ service examples are easily shared.

Reporting can help identify missed opportunities and balance support staffing.

Managers can Listen-In, Whisper or Join calls when training new employees.

Continual Call Recording ensures you don’t have to stop to take calls.

Text messaging supports image sharing too.

Never miss a call – Clarity Office Anywhere™ Apps keep you connected.

Advanced noise cancellation for the busiest of broker business offices.

Voicemail Transcription saves time and hastens forwarding follow-up requests.

Talk freely knowing you can listen again & take notes later w/ continual call recording.

Better service. Better performance. Better system.

Glover management reports a noticeable boost in business since installing their Clarity system. Customers now experience a higher level of service with no calls going unanswered and no calls being dropped. Managers can track and measure more sales activity giving them instant insights that they never had before. Calls are reviewed at team meetings helping all associates hear successes and quality service examples. Associates in the field are more productive and never out of reach. Overall, the company is seeing great results and their customer experiences have been elevated and enhanced.

Jeff Glover reports the following improved statistics:

  • Our Associates outsell the average Agent 7 to 1.
  • Our Associates have the highest production in the state, closing an average of 35 transactions annually.
  • Structure, accountability and skills training are the foundation of our company – Our FranchisePhones® system is a part of building this foundation.
  • 12 Hours a day our Inside Sales Team is dedicated to generating listing opportunities for our associates using Clarity’s FranchisePhones® system.
  • More than 70% of our Sales Associates that have been with us 12 months or more now earn more than $100,000 annually.

Keller Williams Operations Manager, Taylor Cornfield

“Our previous VoIP provider was undependable and not accountable when it came to resolving issues. Our service was frequently going down and they typically blamed others for this failure which was extremely frustrating. With Clarity we have enjoyed no downtime. If I ever have an issue like setting up a new agent or using holiday call routing, Clarity’s technical support experts quickly help me. The quality of service and equipment are state-of-the-art and dependable.

I continue to be impressed with Clarity’s service, along with the continually evolving features/benefits they keep adding. Our sales managers enjoy Call Recording which they use for sales training. We use Clarity’s robust call routing capabilities between our offices to balance staffing & support across locations. Our associates rely on the mobile apps to keep them connected to both customers and our office team. The equipment is top notch. We selected the cost-effective rental plan keeping the cost of switching systems low.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the system and Clarity’s exceptional service. I would recommend Clarity’s FranchisePhones® service to any realtor, large or small. They’ve been a great partner to work with and their service and support has shown they care about our company’s success as much as we do.”

The right VoIP phone system can make a real difference when selling real estate.

Most cloud phone companies just want to sell you a phone. At Clarity Voice, we want to help you use your phones to make more sales.

We customize our service to fit the specific needs of YOUR Real Estate business.

  • 99.999% up-time reliability

  • Runs on your high-speed internet connection

  • Enhanced quality of service with QoS and SD-WAN technology

  • Month-to-month contracts available

  • Integrations to connect the other applications you use everyday

  • Easily scales as your business grows

  • Simple activation and setup with 24/7 customer support

  • Text messaging, chat, screen share, video and web conferencing

  • 100+ features available to customize your business communications for maximum impact

  • Mobile and desktop applications enable you to take your office anywhere

  • Crisp, clear, quality conversations using HD-voice and advanced noise cancellation

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