Let’s Talk Conference Call Etiquette For All

Conference call etiquette is different than “regular phone” etiquette. Because you are in a group and you only have your voice to rely on, it becomes increasingly important the more people there are on the call, that you don’t want to make a faux pas simply because you were uninformed about Conference call etiquette. Just [...]

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Fuel a Flexible Work Environment with Clarity Voice

Powering Your Growth with Boomers and Millennials More employers are seeing flexible work environments or telework as a relatively inexpensive perk that improves work/life balance. In another study from California research firm Global Workplace Analytics, 95 percent of employers said the ability to telework has a significantly positive impact on employee retention, too. Are you [...]

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High employee turnover is costing you more than you realize

Estimating the cost of employee turnover seems to vary by wage and role of employee. For example, a CAP study found average costs to replace an employee are: 16% of annual salary for high-turnover, low-paying jobs (earning under $30,000 a year). For example, the cost to replace a $10/hour retail employee would be $3,328. 20% of annual [...]

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Advantage of Telecommuting Employees for Your Company

Make the road less traveled the way to work! Based on a synthesis of reviewing thousands of studies, interviews with dozens of telecommuting enthusiasts and naysayers, researchers, and venture capitalists who invest in the remote work model, Fortune 500 executives, virtual employers, and dozens of home-based workers in wide variety of professions, list ‘factoids’ for your consideration [...]

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Increase In Telecommuting Is A Sign Of The Times

More than just improved technology, businesses bottom-line benefits are driving the change to telecommute. A shift in workforce demographics and priorities — and improved technology from Clarity Voice® — are the main reasons the U.S. has seen a threefold increase in telecommuting during the past 20 years, experts say. "You have younger employees who are quick [...]

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