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Let’s Talk Conference Call Etiquette For All

Conference call etiquette is different than “regular phone” etiquette. Because you are in a group and you only have your voice to rely on, it becomes increasingly important the more people there are on the call, that you don’t want to make a faux pas simply because you were uninformed about Conference call etiquette. Just [...]

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10 Best Ways to Improve First Call Issue Resolution Today

When today's customers call, they expect customer service & support teams to effortlessly resolve issues with speed and accuracy. At Clarity Voice First Call Resolution(FCR) is an essential indicator of our businesses health. We know your time is valuable and we try to resolve any concerns with you within the first call. Regardless if your call [...]

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How to Create a Call Quality Evaluation Checklist for Your Organization

Today's customers expect business to effectively resolve their issues with speed and accuracy. Using a checklist to monitor conversations can help improve first call resolution within your business, keep your customers happy, and give your customers the service and support they demand. At Clarity Voice first caller resolution is an essential indicator of our businesses health [...]

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Top 5 Benefits of Clarity’s Coaching and Monitoring Tools

Using Performance Coaching and Monitoring Tools, you can validate: All callers are treated with tact, diplomacy, and professionalism. Accurate information is being consistently relayed. Customer service quality is maintained and measured. Prospective customer questions and requests for service are being handled promptly. Employee's conversational tone and tactics promote trust and loyalty only a direct discussion [...]

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Top 4 Tools for Managers to Monitor Customer Interactions

1. Listen-in Mode Live monitoring of calls in real-time while you silently listen-in. Reduce stress for employees because you're not leaning over their shoulder trying to listen. *Hear both sides of the conversation first hand. *Deliver immediate coaching after the call. 2. Whisper Mode Softly relay information to your employee without the caller hearing you. [...]

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Who Comes First? The Customer or The Employee

The Customer Employee Comes First Have it Your Way!? The Customer is Always Right!? Do everything with the customer in mind!? These are long-accepted mantras that a lot of companies have built cultures around. And it's worked well for some of them. But it's not bulletproof. Have it Your Way breaks down quickly when the [...]

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Fuel a Flexible Work Environment with Clarity Voice

Powering Your Growth with Boomers and Millennials More employers are seeing flexible work environments or telework as a relatively inexpensive perk that improves work/life balance. In another study from California research firm Global Workplace Analytics, 95 percent of employers said the ability to telework has a significantly positive impact on employee retention, too. Are you [...]

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Customer Loyalty Has Huge Impact to Your Bottom Line

Acquiring a new customer costs more than maintaining an existing one! Did you know? Loyal customers have a tendency to be less deal prone than non-loyal customers (Rauyruen & Miller Study) Loyal customers are likely to give free word-of-mouth advertising (Bowen & Shoemaker Study) Loyal customers have a greater tendency of purchasing products with only [...]

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High employee turnover is costing you more than you realize

Estimating the cost of employee turnover seems to vary by wage and role of employee. For example, a CAP study found average costs to replace an employee are: 16% of annual salary for high-turnover, low-paying jobs (earning under $30,000 a year). For example, the cost to replace a $10/hour retail employee would be $3,328. 20% of annual [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Why Employee Engagement is of the Utmost Importance

Years of statistics make a convincing case for having engaged employees. Here are the top 5 reasons why having engaged employees is a must for your organization: 1. Improved productivity Engaged employees find their job to be motivating and personally fulfilling and therefore tend to be more productive on the job than disengaged employees. Research [...]

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